Han Dynasty Bronze Dagger-Axe, China (3154B-BHK) $495


H: 4.375”  W: 7.375”  D: 0.1875” | FREE SHIPPING!

An ancient military weapon, bronze dagger-axes like this were used for millennia. It consists of a pointed blade, rear and low protrusions with openings for attaching to a shaft to allow it to be used as a thrusting and swinging-motion weapon. It was mounted and secured to a pole or shaft through the openings on its two perpendicular sections. This ge is a fascinating piece of military history and is in very good condition with minor losses and some verdigris expected in an ancient and roughly used bronze pieces.


The Chinese ge is a dagger-axe first developed as an ancient weapon in the Shang dynasty and utilized through the Han dynasty. The Han dynasty was the first unified Chinese empire in China. During this era military weapons were produced in vast numbers and the dagger-axe (ge) was used very prolifically. After the appearance of chariots and tightly packed military formations, its use virtually disappeared. The earliest dagger-axes were made of stone; later ones were made of bronze; and even later versions were made in jade and precious materials for ceremonial purposes. In general, dagger-axes have been found without a shaft as they decomposed or were removed. Ceremonial jade daggers were sometimes found in the tombs of Chinese nobles, aristocrats, and the wealthy and often within their coffins suggesting they were symbols of power, high status, and had ritual significance. Others were found below the coffin in the possession of a servant or victim sacrificed in order to guard the tomb, the deceased, and  their soul safe in the afterlife.

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Ancient, Han Dynasty


Han Dynasty (206BCE – 220 CE)

Materials and Technique

Bronze/brass/copper alloy

Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 4.375” W: 7.375 Thick: .1875”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 11.11cm W: 18.73cm D: 0.48cm


4.8oz with box 1lb 2 oz


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