The majority of VA products come from China, mostly South China, and includes all categories of objects: Spiritual and Inspiration Art, Folk and Ethnic, Accessories and Furnishings, Jewelry, Ancient Art and Wall Art. spanning from the Han to the Chinese Republic.

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  • Han Dynasty Bronze Dagger-Axe (ge), China


    First developed in the Shang dynasty, the Chinese dagger-axe (ge) was used as a military weapon through the Han dynasty. A dagger-shaped blade was mounted to a pole or shaft and secured using its tang (shank) and the holes on the two sections of its body. In general, dagger-axes have been found without a shaft as they decomposed or were removed. This piece comes with its uniquely made box. With expected minor losses, mineral deposits, some corrosion, verdigris forming naturally over time and the loss of its point this dagger is in good condition despite its great age. It is very similar to the other ge on our site.

  • Han Dynasty Bronze Dagger-Axe, China


    An ancient military weapon, bronze dagger-axes like this were used for millennia. It consists of a pointed blade, rear and low protrusions with openings for attaching to a shaft to allow it to be used as a a thrusting and swinging-motion weapon. It was mounted  and secured to a pole or shaft through the openings on its two perpendicular sections. This ge is a fascinating piece of military history and is in very good condition with minor losses and some verdigris expected in an ancient and roughly used bronze pieces.

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