Antique Pair of Stone Fu Lions, China (17044BOE) $695


H: 8”  W: 5.5”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING!

This is a really great pair of stone small fu lions with lots of character, humor, and detailed carving. Each of these very joyous creatures has open mouthed smiling faces with radiant eyebrows and tufts below their chins, scalloped manes and bushy tails. Carved from one piece of a blackish hard stone they could easily withstand additional wear of the elements in a garden. Pairs of fu lions like this belong in the home of people who appreciate spirituality and wish for happiness and fortune along with a touch of wit and whimsy.


During the Ming and Qing dynasties small pairs of fu-lions were very popular in private homes on a home altar and outside as protective figures or in gardens.  In the Buddhist tradition, even though these Buddhist-Statues are  protective figures, they were portrayed as more friendly than fierce, with their open mouths displaying sharp teeth but in a fanciful pose. They are a reminder that all sentient beings should live in peace and with compassion for each other. They are frequently used in feng shui to balance the positive and negative energy (chi) and should be placed on either side of a door, entryway or windowsills looking forward with their raised paws facing each other to protect the structure and ward off evil  and can be used as garden-accessories to protect the outdoor environment. Some believe they should be patted in thanks for keeping you safe, while the Chinese believe that spinning or touching the round object in their mouths brings good luck. This pair of carved stone male fu lions is sejant (Sitting erect with forepaws resting on the ground) with back legs crouching and front paws on an unusual orb – it’s flat almost drum-like rather than spherical. They are exceptionally whimsical with huge smiles and open mouths that extend the length of their faces almost meeting their eyebrows and ears held in a friendly stance. Their wide-open eyes are rimmed by scalloped rounded eyebrows with striations that meet at the top of their broad flat noses and bodies completely covered with wisps and curls of spiraled hair. Two rows of incised hair frame their chins and heads and their manes are carved striated segments down the backs, with five sets of swirls of neatly coiffed curls in the center and ending in massive tails swept to one side and hanging over the high pedestal.  Along with other cultural and religious objects, many fu lion images perished or were destroyed during China’s modernization and genuinely old ones, especially pairs, are becoming increasingly difficult to find.   Although there are signs of wear consistent with age and use the carvings are in very good condition.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in
Place of Origin



Antique, Qing Dynasty


19th Century

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 8” Width: 5.5” Depth: 3.25”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 20.32cm Width: 13.97cm Depth: 8.25


Very good, patina and wear consistent with age and use


9lbs 2oz

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