The Chinese word fu (福) is translated as happiness, blessings and good fortune and the wish for fu is represented by well recognized symbols is ubiquitous in all aspects of Chinese life displayed in architecture, furniture, functional and utilitarian objects, porcelains and pottery, textiles, clothing, jewelry and other decorative accessories. Red is the color of fu which is also complemented and enhanced by gilt. The character fu is auspicious, as are their homophones and rebuses. A bat (fu 蝠) is a homophone for “good fortune” or “happiness” as its tone is very similar to the tone to for fu (福) As they are homophones, the bat is a symbol and also a visual pun (rebus) for good luck, often found in colored red. When the character for fu (福) or the representation of a bat are upside-down, it signifies that ‘good fortune has arrived’ since the word for ‘arrive in Chinese sounds like the word fo ‘upside-down., another Chinese homophone. Five bats represent the Five Blessings or Happinesses .

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  • Antique Carved Lacquered Pair of Fu Lions on Pedestals, China (19074ASE) $995

    H: 12″  D: 7″  D: 7.75″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This very fine pair of antique carved males fu lions represents the dual nature of these mythical animals: as protective images they are powerful and fierce, as Buddhist images they are whimsical with smiling faces, dangling tongues, hanging ears and bushy tails. They are extremely well carved with harnesses and bells around their necks, detailed manes and tails on high intricately decorated bases to signal their importance. Perfect for enhancing feng shui in a home or office, large finely decorative wood pairs like this are extremely hard to find.

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  • Antique Carved Standing Ancestor Official, China (18017ESK) $425

    Ht: 8.25″  W: 3″  D: 2.125″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    Dressed in a red robe with a high neck collar, extremely wide sleeves extending below the knees and a belt around his waist, this ancestor figure portrayed as a civilian official standing on a rectangular base with hands together wearing a long civil official’s robe that extends to his shoes but has no rank badge indicated.

  • Antique Carved Sweetmeat Confection Mold, China (3214A-BKE)

    H: 5.625″  W: 27.875″  D: 9.75″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This exceptionally crafted and beautiful footed confection mould  was most probably a marriage gift from a wealthy family to the newly wed as seen its symbols.  It is elaborated and ornately decorated in vibrant reds and gilt with many auspicious symbols for fidelity, fertility and happiness with lotuses and pods filled with seeds, bats, paired fish and intertwined vines. 


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  • Antique Civilian Official Ancestor Figure, China (16848BEM) $395

    H: 13.75″  W: 5.25″  D: 4″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This ancestor figure, carved in boxwood the preferred wood softwood during the Qing Dynasty, is portrayed in the characteristic pose of a Chinese civilian official, grasping his official’s belt with his right hand to demonstrate his important stature – which was really not so important for this gentleman, given his humble seating furniture and his modest attire. His right hand rests on the his knee as he sits erect on a thick low-back pedestal. Unlike many officials who are serious, this one is more approachable, with simple deeply carved smiling features, high arching brows and a black painted mustache and beard.


  • Antique Document Holder with Poem and Auspicious Symbols, China (19404XRK) $350

    H: 10.75”  W: 7”  D: 4.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This  delicately carved and elaborate document holder was designed to be mounted on a wall held up by its back panel with sumptuously carved floral cutouts and graceful curvilinear embellishments. It was clearly intended as a wedding gift as it is embellished with a huge assortment of auspicious symbols for newly weds, with wishes for wealth, glory, harmony, unity, fertility, the birth of sons, longevity among others.  The scalloped carrier section is covered with with black, red and gilt designs and poems by the very famous Song Dynasty poet Su Shi. This would be a wonderful, unique, and appropriate wedding gift to send the bride and groom off with the best possible wishes.

  • Antique Garden Stool with Framed Panels, China (16779ZLSE) $1400

    H: 18.25”  W: 12”  D: 11.25” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This stunning antique garden stool has parallel ridges surrounding its body and is a fine and rare piece. Hand thrown with a thick high-fired stable body, it has six framed panels with historic and symbolic images against a white background focusing on the finely made and intricate designs surrounded by rich cobalt blue. Most garden stools were made in a drum or barrel shape, far fewer were hexagonal and fewer still had auspicious objects and poems framed within the panels. This fine piece was created for the garden of a rich family, as cobalt was highly prized and expensive used in sparing amounts unless bound for an an important client. This unique piece has not only outstanding rendered panels, but the objects represented there were included to provide a flow of blessings, good wishes, energy and good fortune to those using it.


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    Antique Guanyin on a Mythical Hǒu, China (16370BCK) $875 SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $875.00.Current price is: $795.00.
    H: 9.5”  W: 2.25”  D: 6.5” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This remarkable and enchanting figurine is Guanyin on her mythical  mount, the Hǒu the guardian master of the universe and model for righteousness and morality who symbolizes bringing forth peace and prosperity.The round orb in its mouth representing a pearl can be rubbed for good luck.  It is one of our most unique and favorite Buddhist statues, mounted on a frosted Acrylic stand.

  • Antique Jewelry Box with Auspicious Symbols, China (16782BKE) $385


    H: 8.5″   W: 15″  D:5″. Shipping Quote Required.  Call 213-568-3030

    This vibrant jewelry box containing five draws with tear drop pulls is decorated with well recognized auspicious symbols to bring blessings and good luck to its fortunate female owner: red, the color of “fu” symbolizes blessings for a virtuous and blissful life; the carved young women on the doors holding lotus stems symbolize beauty and purity; and the five bats surrounding a longevity character on the top mean ““May you have a harmonious marriage with the Five Blessings.” With its propitious meanings, this charming box was probably a wedding gift for the optimistic bride.

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  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife (16850D-BME) $695

    H: 7.25″  W: 3″  D: 1.625″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Kitchen God and his wife are mirror-images, originally placed above the stove to monitor and bring good luck to the household. Finely carved, they wearing simplified officials robes and symbolically hold a tablet. Their bright colors have faded naturally into a smooth warm patina which adds comfort and positive feng sui to any kitchen decor and are unique wedding gifts.

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    Antique Kitchen God and His Wife, China (16840BME)

    Original price was: $850.00.Current price is: $650.00.
    H: 7.5″  W: 2.875″  D: 2″ | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This pair is VA’s most unique and finely crafted Kitchen God couple. Wearing beautifully carved robes, clasping Hu tablets, they have    approachable features and subtly smiling lips. The painted character on the base is a wish for “happiness.”  These exceptional consecrated pieces are in excellent condition with a fine patina.


  • Antique Kitchen God and his Wife, China (16850E-BME) $695

    H: 7.75″  W: 2.875″  D: 1.875″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Kitchen God and His Wife are well-carved, articulated, well presented. As mirror images sitting on backless chairs on a high plinth, they have similar layered gold officials’ robes  and very different headdresses. Their clasped hands covered in ritual cloth symbolizes holding a hu tablet, they portray the reverence and solemnity associated with house gods whose future of families are in their hands. Antique Kitchen gods are unique and wonderful house or wedding gifts as they add warmth to positive chi to any decor.


  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife, China (16850H-BME) $785

    H: 7.75″  W: 3.25″  D: 2.375″ | free shipping!

    Finely detailed and carved from dense wood, this Kitchen God and his Wife monitor the members of the home from their perch above the stove. Near mirror images of each other they wear layered gold officials’ robes with decorative sashes and symbolically hold a hu tablet. They are in excellent condition with most of the original pigmentation and gilt and make unique wedding gifts..


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