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In addition to trendy ways to enhance you outdoor space, using antique accessories that have adorned gardens in Asia for centuries can add a dramatic and unique touch. The VA collection offers stoneware garden stools and outdoor statues that will enhance your space and are timeless objects that pass down excellent workmanship, craftsmanship and beauty from generations past.

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  • Antique Pair of Stone Fu Lions, China (17044BOE) $695

    H: 8”  W: 5.5”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This is a really great pair of stone small fu lions with lots of character, humor, and detailed carving. Each of these very joyous creatures has open mouthed smiling faces with radiant eyebrows and tufts below their chins, scalloped manes and bushy tails. Carved from one piece of a blackish hard stone they could easily withstand additional wear of the elements in a garden. Pairs of fu lions like this belong in the home of people who appreciate spirituality and wish for happiness and fortune along with a touch of wit and whimsy.

  • Antique Stone Earth God Tudi Gong, China (17406BSK) $725

    H: 8”  W: 5”  D4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This antique stone Tudi Gong statue was finely crafted by a local provincial artisan and reflects many traditional characteristics of this beloved lower status deity: a benevolent face, voluminous rotund belly, slouched shoulders, and holding taels to bestow wealth and fortune and maybe assurances to rural common folk. In his past he rested happily on an outdoor shrine, and would be very happy to continue doing so in a home garden to bring prosperity and an aura of past times to a new family.

    Click here for Blog Tudi Gong: the Taoist and Popular Religion Earth God

  • Antique Stone Fu Lion, China (16394JLM) $195

    H: 4.5″  Dia: 3.25″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This hand carved antique stone flu lion is a fun loving benevolent creature as seen in his open mouth with sharp teeth in a fanciful grin with a curled tongue, mischievously twinkling eyes under bushy eyebrows and a compressed rotund body with a very small tail. This is not your refined portrait of an elegant protective beast, it’s just a friendly pet hanging out with you. He probably lived in the garden of a provincial fun-loving family and is looking for a similar environment where people like old wonderful pieces to remind them not to take themselves too seriously.

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