Thailand, which was called Siam until 1939, is in the center of mainland Southeast Asia and surrounded by Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Cambodia. It is home to large numbers of immigrants and their descendants from China and other countries in South and Southeast Asia that include a broad range of ethnic groups. Most Thais are adherents of Theravada Buddhism, which is shared by people in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and parts of southern China and southern Vietnam. An important part of Theravada Buddhism is the community of monks (sangha) and almost every community has at least one temple-monastery (wat), where monks live, offer Buddhist teachings, perform communal rituals, and receive offerings from laypeople. Laypeople acquire Buddhist merit (bun) from these gifts which improves their karma and chances for good rebirth. Monks also convey the teachings of the Buddha through sermons and actions that exemplify ideal behavior. From the 14-16th centuries Thailand was a major exporter of ceramics to many Asian counties that were made in Si Satchanalai area in kilns called Sawankhalok. The VA collection offers some of these items. from which the VA collection has pieces. We also. have bronze items made during the Khmer Empire’s expansion into Eastern and Central Thailand as well as bronzes from the first Thai Sukhothai Kingdom.

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  • Antique Clay Hill Tribe Pipe, Burma/Myanmar (3474B-WKE) $85

    H: 2”  W: 1.75”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Antique and vintage ceramic tobacco pipes are part of a long cultural tradition of Burmese/Myanmar and Thai hill tribes. Mould made and adorned with intricate designs, a bamboo or metal stem was often inserted at the end through which smoke was drawn. This highly collectible antique item reflects hill-tribe skills creating decorative functional objects and would be a unique gift for any pipe smoker, but, like all antique items, we recommended it be used as a decorative item.

  • Antique Large Sawankhalok Stoneware Lidded Bowl, Thailand (3168GOM) $215

    H: 4.25”  Dia: 5″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This finely designed 14/15th century globular stoneware box resting on a short foot has an olive-brown glazed lotus bud handle surrounded by radiating radiating olive-brown and lightly glazed petals above a band of geometric shapes. The body is lyrically ornamented with an intricate scroll of white, light glazed and incised colored branches and florals on an olive-brown glaze background. Its fine appearance is a result of the unusual lovely olive-brown surface with a glaze applied sparsely in some areas and thicker in others to offset the vegetal scrolls.


  • Antique Pair of Bronze Khmer Palanquin Rings, Thailand (3378AEM) $1150

    H: 4.675″  W: 3.875″  D: 0.5″

    This elegant pair of ancient 12-13th century Khmer Empire cast bronze palanquin rings are decorated with ornate vegetal designs, possibly stylized lotus leaves, and highlight the fine technical abilities and artistry of the ancient Cambodian Khmer Empire’s meticulously detailed metal art. Mounted on unique stands for display in any setting.

  • Antique Sawankhalok Glazed Stoneware Lidded Bowl, Thailand (1001BLC) $295

    H: 4.25”  W: 4.325”  D: 2.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This gazed stoneware lidded bowl rests on a solid well-cut foot and has a close-fitting cover. The lid’s center has a lotus bud handle with a surrounding linear medallion on the top. Alternating panels have underglaze brown crosshatching and vegetal scrolls beginning on the lid, continuing below to the body and each pane separated by a series of vertical and circular lines.

  • Antique Sawankhalok Lidded Bowl, Fruit Stem Handle, Thailand (3170BLE) $385

    Ht. 3.375”  Dia 4.625″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This charm of this 14/15th century stoneware Sawankhalok lidded jar is its elegant mangosteen shape, the use of alternating vibrant cream and brown glazes and stylized incised floral and geometric designs. The lid has a curved stem handle and a round raised calyx, a circle of radiating leaf-like projections that protects a developing flower and represents a mangosteen, the delicious sweet tropical fruit loved throughout Southeast Asia. Concentric raised circles surround the calyx and the body is decorated with a band of incised vegetal scrolls.

  • Antique Sawankhalok Stoneware Lidded Bowl, Thailand (3169BLE) $325

    H: 4.75”  Dia: 5.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This 14/15th century round lidded Sawankhalok stoneware bowl rests on a brown glazed foot and is intricately decorated with green and beige glazes. A brown lotus bud handle tops the lid surrounded  by hand-painted decorative circles of alternating narrow and wide brown lines. It is elegantly decorated with underglaze black vines and vegetal scrolls on the lid and body atop circular bands on which small amounts of grey-green glaze have dripped.


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    Bronze Guanyin in Meditation, Thailand (11250BKE) $485 SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $485.00.Current price is: $395.00.
    H: 19.5”  W: 9.375”  D: 9” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    This lovely 20th century Thai bronze statue is the White Clad Guanyin seated in meditation with her hands in her lap holding her vial of precious dew with her legs covered by her robes which flow to the top of the finely rendered multi-tiered lotus throne. Her open hood is centered by a mandorla surrounding an image of Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light, her spiritual teacher. She is a vision of compassionate serenity with her half closed eyes and benevolent smile.

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  • Earth Witnessing Bronze Buddha, Thailand (11246BKE) $395

    H: 21”  W: 15.5 ”  D: 9.5” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    The beautiful contemporary bronze Buddha is rendered in Thai Lopburi style in Earth Witnessing (bhumisparsha mudra)  wearing a simple two-part Theravada Buddhist monk’s robe that shows his religious devotion. He sits on a highly decorative pierced throne on a three footed curved base. The composition is a double triangle: the three-footed throne itself is a horizontal triangle as it recedes backward in space, and the Buddha and the throne form a vertical triangle.  The heavy statue is filled with a cement binder, and it is in excellent condition.


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  • Rare Antique Child’s Sukhothai Bronze Bangle with Raised Knobs, Thailand (3369B-ZHE) $395

    Diameter: 2.5 ”  Thickness: 0.5″ | FREE SHIPPING in continental u.s.!

    This rare 13-14th century Sukhothai ring-shaped bronze bangle has a unique design. While many Sukhothai were undecorated, this one is has three raised knobs dividing it into thirds, articulated ends and, rather than being a complete circle, it has a small opening.

  • SOLD Antique Animal Shaped Wood Coconut Cutter, Thailand (3450ZSE) $395


    This antique coconut grater is a very practical multi-use creation designed to cut, grate, shave, husk, and shred coconuts and large fruits and vegetables. Some were carved as crouching rabbits and others like this were realistic renderings of small mammals. Its decorative appeal includes lovely 6-petal flowers above its four legs and elegantly curved and metal piece extending ”  W:from its mouth. With its warm and rustic feel, it would be a unique decorative addition to any kitchen and an interesting conversational piece.

  • SOLD Vintage Earth Witnessing Buddha, Laos (3185A- ELO) $295

    H: 9”  W: 4.25  D: 3.125” | FREE SHIPPING

    This mid 20th century Buddha Shakyamuni in Earth Witnessing position is carved in rural Lao style. Covered with gilt, the small rustic and simply carved image follows Lao artistic canons for depicting a Buddha: a curved hairline and high arched eyebrows that meet at the bridge of the nose, distinct hair curls, long ears, and a flame-shaped radiance emerging from his ushnisha. Its very large base is as tall and wide as the image, reflecting Laotian beliefs that a high pedestal reflects a deep respect for the Buddha. A base has been added for display purposes.  Authentic old Lao images, even small personal ones like this, are difficult to find.

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