Known as the first Thai independent polity (society), the Sukhothai Kingdom (1238-1438)was the first independent kingdom in Thai history. It was originally a major trade center under the Khmer Kingdom, but after revolting against the Khmer, the Thais gained independence and built their domain around the ancient city of Sukhothai in north-central Thailand in 1238. It lost its independence after being invaded in 1349 by neighboring Ayutthaya, the 2nd Thai kingdom. The preserved ruins of the kingdom’s capital are a designated a World Heritage Site outside modern Sukhothai, a fascinating historical location. Its ruler Ram Khamhaeng the Great (1279–1298), introduced Theravada Buddhism, early Thai script and established relations with Yuan China from which Thailand gained techniques for the later production and export of Thai ceramics such as Sawankhalok (Sangkhalok in Thai) ware. Sukhothai was later a tributary state and then annexed by Ayutthaya 1438, and its nobility continued its influence with the Ayutthaya monarchy for a very long time after its kingdom fell.

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  • Antique Large Sawankhalok Stoneware Lidded Bowl, Thailand (3168GOM) $215

    H: 4.25”  Dia: 5″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This finely designed 14/15th century globular stoneware box resting on a short foot has an olive-brown glazed lotus bud handle surrounded by radiating radiating olive-brown and lightly glazed petals above a band of geometric shapes. The body is lyrically ornamented with an intricate scroll of white, light glazed and incised colored branches and florals on an olive-brown glaze background. Its fine appearance is a result of the unusual lovely olive-brown surface with a glaze applied sparsely in some areas and thicker in others to offset the vegetal scrolls.


  • Antique Sawankhalok Glazed Stoneware Lidded Bowl, Thailand (1001BLC) $295

    H: 4.25”  W: 4.325”  D: 2.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This gazed stoneware lidded bowl rests on a solid well-cut foot and has a close-fitting cover. The lid’s center has a lotus bud handle with a surrounding linear medallion on the top. Alternating panels have underglaze brown crosshatching and vegetal scrolls beginning on the lid, continuing below to the body and each pane separated by a series of vertical and circular lines.

  • Antique Sawankhalok Lidded Bowl, Fruit Stem Handle, Thailand (3170BLE) $385

    Ht. 3.375”  Dia 4.625″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This charm of this 14/15th century stoneware Sawankhalok lidded jar is its elegant mangosteen shape, the use of alternating vibrant cream and brown glazes and stylized incised floral and geometric designs. The lid has a curved stem handle and a round raised calyx, a circle of radiating leaf-like projections that protects a developing flower and represents a mangosteen, the delicious sweet tropical fruit loved throughout Southeast Asia. Concentric raised circles surround the calyx and the body is decorated with a band of incised vegetal scrolls.

  • Antique Sawankhalok Stoneware Lidded Bowl, Thailand (3169BLE) $325

    H: 4.75”  Dia: 5.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This 14/15th century round lidded Sawankhalok stoneware bowl rests on a brown glazed foot and is intricately decorated with green and beige glazes. A brown lotus bud handle tops the lid surrounded  by hand-painted decorative circles of alternating narrow and wide brown lines. It is elegantly decorated with underglaze black vines and vegetal scrolls on the lid and body atop circular bands on which small amounts of grey-green glaze have dripped.


  • Rare Antique Child’s Sukhothai Bronze Bangle with Raised Knobs, Thailand (3369B-ZHE) $395

    Diameter: 2.5 ”  Thickness: 0.5″ | FREE SHIPPING in continental u.s.!

    This rare 13-14th century Sukhothai ring-shaped bronze bangle has a unique design. While many Sukhothai were undecorated, this one is has three raised knobs dividing it into thirds, articulated ends and, rather than being a complete circle, it has a small opening.

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