Antique Cast Iron Tea Kettle (Tetsubin) Galloping Horses, Japan (4153BKE) $695


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This large Meiji hand-made Japanese cast iron tetsubin tea kettle with a lid with a lotus bud, ornamental top handle, and curved pouring spout was for boiling and pouring water to brew tea for Japanese tea ceremonies.  The simplicity of its form combined with its elegant raised galloping horse design is perfect for warming up kitchens of any style. 


Cast iron hand-crafted kettles called “Tetsubin” in Japanese (literally iron pot”), have been produced for hundreds of years developed for use in the Japanese Tea Ceremony (chanoyu), loved teaware sought by tea aficionados. The iron content of these Japanese-antiques altars the taste of boiled water, makes it richer, sweeter and has positive effects on the taste of the water used to brew tea making it more mellow. The water’s iron content provides additional health benefits and its iron structure keeps the water hot for a longer period of time. Made in the Meiji era (1868-1912),the beautiful relief design of galloping horses with manes behind them expressing speed is a loved motif, as horses have held a position of importance in Japanese culture as revered creatures that embody grace, power and nobility. The ornamental knob on the lid probably represents a lotus, the Buddhist symbol of purity and enlightenment. Tetsubin are especially popular with collectors considered status symbols, not simply beautifully designed utilitarian and functional kitchen accessories. Like all old Tetsubin cast iron metalwork kettles it has developed rust on the bottom which is completely normal and can be removed by boiling green tea inside the pot. Historically, especially during the 19th century, Tetsubin teaware from Japan was considered as status symbol and beautifully designed kitchen accessories.  As with all antiques, these pieces are purely decorative for display purposes only.


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Place of Origin



Antique, Meiji/Taisho Period


19th Century

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 12.5" W: 10" D: 9.5"

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Ht: 31.75cm W: 25.4cm D: 24.13cm


8lb 4oz

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Excellent, See Descripton

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