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Spiritual and Inspirational refers to art, artifacts and ritual objects represent a reverence for and belief in spiritual power higher than ourselves. VA’s collection includes objects and creations reflecting Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, Popular Religion, Folk Religion, and Shamanism traditions.

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  • Antique Brocaded Bible/Document Cover, Bolivia (2036A-MAE) $185

    H: 10.5″  W: 10.5″ D: 0.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    Hand made in a folder style, this Bolivian religious document holder possibly used for priests’ sermons or other important  documents, is decorated on each side with brocaded purple fabric with gold thread. The finely brocaded stylized and symbolic passion flower designs are framed by geometric and curved gold borders and the inside and ends are lined in red fabric.  Our images do not do it justice as they cannot capture light flickers from the interwoven gold threads and vibrant gold floral patterns.

  • Antique Ancestor with Removable Head, China (5623LKE) $785

    H: 10.25”  W: 5.125”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This very finely carved figure of an ancestor was commissioned by a family of either high status or wealth, having been carved from a single piece of an exquisite and rare hardwood with a lustrous patina. The removable head, which is fairly unique, is individualized with a round face, bald head, and oversized ears and markings to delineate his advanced age, a respected characteristic in 19th-century Chinese society. There is no indication of his status, however, as his robes are simple and he wears no hat indicating that he is not an official. He sat on a detached chair which is now missing and we are in the process of having one made for it . The exquisite carving in beautiful dense wood and patina make this a wonderful and distinctive piece in excellent condition with cracks and minor surface losses consistent with age and use.

  • Antique Brass Nandi, India (9509B-GAH) $155

    H: 3.5″  W: 1.75″  D: 2.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This finely cast antique figurine with finely articulated features portrays Nandi with jewels sitting recumbent on a high-tiered throne. Kneeling in reverence to serve  Lord Shiva he is a symbol of purity and strength. Small figurines were placed on home shrines with other deities and significant family items. Made using lost wax   it is a one-of-a-kind piece


  • Antique Bronze Miniature Stupa/Pagoda, Nepal (3207LME) $425

    H: 3.25” Dia: 2.25″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This 18th-century antique hand-made bronze 7-level stupa/pagoda was made in Nepal and was purchased in the 1970s in Kathmandu. This fine example has decorative details around the base and two of the round eaves have scalloped edges. It was used for personal devotion on a home altar or shrine. Antique Buddhist items are now extremely scarce in Nepal.

  • Antique Dhokra Brass Measuring Bowl, India (9500A-WAH)

    H: 3.875” Dia: 3.875” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Dhokra items like this measuring bowl for rice or other grains are beautifully and often intricately decorated, very accessible, made with an appealing simplicity and in uncomplicated forceful and captivating forms. Made by the lost wax technique, each item has a distinct one-of-a-kind identity as the mold is broken after use so no copies can be made. This charming piece is a typical small grain measure and has a rounded lip, bulging body, and handle for hanging and decorated with horizontal striations across the top half bordered by a band of downward striated triangles, and a broad horizontal band at the center. It is in very good condition with a smooth patina from prolonged use and its considerable age.

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  • Antique Earth God Tudi Gong, China (16332BOK) $775

    H: 12.125”  W: 6.125”  D: 4.125” | FREE SHIPPING

    This vibrant and finely carved wood statue is the old good-natured Earth God Tudi Gong once found in most rural communities throughout China. He is a kind and benevolent god as seen by his good natured features, believed to live in and help residents of small villages, especially for issues relating to agriculture or wealth.   As an administrator he sits on a horseshoe chair wearing officials clothes and carries a tael, a gold bar that symbolizes a wish for wealth. With his sweet and unpretentious demeanor, he looks like someone you just like to hang out with. Once in every village and most homes, these charming images have, like all Taoist deity images, become scarce.



  • Antique Kumkum Container, Nepal (1278XAE) $295

    H: 3” Dia: 2.875″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This  finely designed bronze kumkum container was used in Hindu worship (puja). It is a well-shaped ornamented cup divided artistically into three sections: a top flat lip surrounded by decorative bosses and parallel lines, and band of stylized leaves, and set on a tubular trunk on a decorative base.  Also known as chopra containers, they were made from a variety of materials, although bronze was rather rare and used by wealthy Hindu women and royalty to store tikka kumkuma powder, as the poor could only afford those made from wood or pottery.

  • Antique Repoussé Vishnu Votive Plaque, India (5174A-TAK) $250

    H: 7.5”  W: 5.75”  D: 2.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This repoussé votive plaque portrays the Hindu deity Vishnu, the Protector of the Universe with a double aureole holding the conch shell he uses to make the om (aum) sound that embodies divine energy and is considered to be the sound of the universe which encompasses all sounds within it. He wears a crown representing his supreme power and earrings signifying  the dual nature of creation. The lotus next to him and the lotus leaves of his throne symbolize purity, truth, and the unfolding of creation.

  • Antique Silver Ganesh Pendant with Four Arms and Sweets (22043BLE) $395

    Ht: 5.125   W: 3.75″ D: 0.625″ | FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S.

    This massive, heavy silver pendant represents a four armed Ganesh seated within a betel shape frame wearing a crown and reaching for modak, a rice flour sweet dumpling filled with coconut that is his favorite treat.  Ganesh pendants are worn for good luck as he is the God who removes the obstacles in devotees’ lives.



  • Antique Stone Earth God Tudi Gong, China (17406BSK) $725

    H: 8”  W: 5”  D4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This antique stone Tudi Gong statue was finely crafted by a local provincial artisan and reflects many traditional characteristics of this beloved lower status deity: a benevolent face, voluminous rotund belly, slouched shoulders, and holding taels to bestow wealth and fortune and maybe assurances to rural common folk. In his past he rested happily on an outdoor shrine, and would be very happy to continue doing so in a home garden to bring prosperity and an aura of past times to a new family.

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  • Antique Wood Trio of 3 Apostles, Bolivia (2035UCKE) $1450

    Tallest H: 11″  W: 5.5″  D: 3.5″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    Well-carved with expressive and spiritual bearings, these 3 1 9th century rare small antique wood Apostles have eyes with inset glass, painted lashes, and well-articulated facial features . The crack lines on each side of their faces indicate the process by which the eyes were inset in front of the faces.  All are seated, bearded and wear similar robes, although the garments are in different vibrant color combinations, the hand positions are varied and the body postures diverge slightly. Each is mounted on a two-tiered wood base, elevated at different heights.


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  • Antique/Vintage Brass Nandi Figurine, India (9509A-GAH) $245

    H: 4.5”  W: 2.25”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This well articulated figurine features is Nandi decorated with jewels and recumbent on a high-tiered pedestal throne. Nandi figurines are placed on home altars for daily puja and are decorated with flowers and incense offerings as a sign of respect and this image has an attached incense holder for this purpose. Made using lost wax casting, it is a one-of-a-kind piece in very good condition with a fine patina and smooth surface.



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