Contemporary Bracelet with Jade, Malachite and Silver Settings, 8.25″ (16522A-FLH) $138


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Although contemporary, this finely crafted bracelet has a vintage feel.  Each of the ten hand carved natural jade pieces is surrounded by unique spiral sterling fittings set between 12 dark rich malachite spacers. Elegant, yet simple, this bracelet is a beautiful compliment to any casual or even business outfit.


As a very colorful durable material that can be easily formed into multiple shapes and is beautiful when carved or polished, jade is a very popular gemstone for all types of jewelry. It is believed to bring good health and happiness and protection from evil, which although not scientifically verified, remains a strong belief among its admirers and those who wear it for its “lucky-charm energy,” especially in China.  Even Confucius weighed in on its powers using it as a metaphor for Heaven and Earth, virtue, kindness, wisdom, justice, civility, music, sincerity and truth. With a dark vibrant green color, rich luster and transparency, malachite crystals are green gemstones often fashioned into small jewelry beads. It can be expensive due to its limited supply in and being mined as clusters deep in underground caves that have to be removed and then processed. Beliefs in malachite’s  positive powers are strong and deep, although with all gemstones, these views are not scientifically proven. Nonetheless, it has been touted for millennia as an important protective and spiritual crystal with many beneficial properties: promoting healing; enhancing awareness, clarity and bravery; soothing anxiety and bringing calmness, and easing menstrual pain. The decorative radiating settings enclosing each carved jade stone and the clasp of this bracelet are sterling silver.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.687 × 1.75 × 5.437 in
Place of Origin





20th Century

Materials and Technique

Gemstones/Sterling Silver

Dimensions (inches)

Length: 8.25" Standard Bracelet

Dimensions (metric)

Length: 20.96cm Standard Bracelet

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