SOLD Antique/Vintage Haida Ceremonial Spoon, Canadian Pacific Northwest (1104LCL)


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Utilitarian kitchenware was an integral part of a communal feast called a potlatch, a traditional feast central to many cultures of indigenous peoples of the Canadian Pacific Northwest Coast including the Haida  who have existed for over 17,000 years.  This antique thin, large and elegant, and boldly decorated Haida spoon is well designed with motifs like the whale’s tail, the eye, and a feather that imparts great visual and symbolic strength.  The style and coloring of Northwest Coast Canadian art is so bold and unique, their pieces are readily recognized.

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A potlatch means “to give away” or “a gift” and is a traditional feast central to many cultures of indigenous peoples of the Canadian Pacific Northwest Coast including the Haida tribe who have existed for over 17,000 years and currently inhabit Northern British Columbia, Pacific Northwest United States, and Southeast Alaska. Its main purpose is to enhance and confirm the social status, power, and generosity of tribal leaders and to reaffirm families and clans and their connections with the supernatural world of mythical spirits and ancestors. Potlach objects are prized for their aesthetic vision, creative richness and the appeal of their imagery. As here, they are typically painted using classic red vermillion and black pigments with dark green highlights. Motifs are derived from native environs and are similar to those on totem poles: bears, wolves, whales, salmon, eagles, ravens, owls, and images of spirits, mythical beings, and family crests. Presented in a distinct visual language exclusive to northwest coast peoples, areas of color are made distinct using black form lines. In general, the unique origin and  symbols of these images are not readily understood. Although feasts were banned in Canada in 1884 , they were legalized after World War II. Celebrations re-appeared in some tribal communities and remain the foundation of indigenous power, as in the Haida homeland whose democracy is deeply embedded in potlatch law. The antique/vintage spoon is in very good condition with a small chip on the rim and sold with a specially made lucite stand.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in

Antique/Vintage (1910-1980)



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Ht: 30.32cm W: 26.35cm D: 5.39cm

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Ht: 8” W: 10.35” D: 2.124”


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