Vintage Hand Carved Dewi Sri, Hindu Rice Goddess, Indonesia, Bali (3045DLK) $265


H: 14.5″  W: 6.625″  D: 2.375″ | FREE SHIPPING

This very fine and very beautiful vintage woodcarving of Dewi Sri , Devi Sri or Sridevi in Java, the Balinese Hindu goddess of rice and prosperity, is in excellent condition considering it is a much used vintage piece. Personally collected in Bali in the 1970s, it reflects the offerings made to Dewi Sri placed in the rice fields to protect the rice harvest. She is depicted here as a young, attractive and fertile woman wearing a striking, highly detailed and decorative headdress similar to those worn in Balinese dances leaving her upper forehead bare and framing her oval face with high curved eyebrows, wide-open eyes and beautiful pursed lips. With its flat back it can be mounted on a wall.


The most revered and worshipped Hindu goddess in Bali and Java, Dewi Sri is an Earth-God who controls and sustains the rice crop and fields who personifies the life force that controls birth, fertility, life, wealth and prosperity. Ancient animism beliefs in goddesses such as this are worshipped by indigenous Indonesians and Hindus in parallel with other religions. Home and field Hindu shrines with Indonesian-woodcarvings are dedicated to her with prayers and elegant colorful offerings made in various materials performed daily. They are maintained by village farmers in a social and farmer’s work group called a subak whose members place perishable offerings made using, banana leaves, rice stalks, woven coconut leaves bamboo that are attached to sticks in each field. This traditional vintage folk-art carving was collected in in Indonesia the 1970’s is similar to the carvings that were made to adorn Devi Sri Hindu shrines and temples. This piece is part of the VA collection of Hindu-Cultural-and-Ritual Art.

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Weight 1 lbs
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: Ht: 14.5” W: 6.625” D: 2.375”

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Ht: 34.29cm W: 16.51cm D: 6.03cm


1 lb


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