Earth Gods

An Earth God or Earth Deity is common in many cultures throughout the world and is found in both a region’s original animist culture and also where organized religions are later superimposed over animism beliefs and shamanism. Earth Gods are worshiped, asked for assistance during planting and growing seasons, requested for help keeping fields free from destructive pests and requested to preserve the fertility of crops on which their survival is based. In China and elsewhere there may more than one deity, all with different names such as Tudi Gong the earth god celebrated in both Taoism and Chinese Popular Religion; Shujun the Chinese god of farming and cultivation; the Balinese Hindu Goddess of Agriculture Dewi Sri; and in India Dharā who represents the earth and the earth element in Hinduism whose name refers to the flow of water in Sanskrit.

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  • Antique Agricultural Deity and Spring Ox, China (16337LKE) $885

    H: 14.25”  W: 7.125”  D: 4.875” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    To pay homage and respect to one’s ancestors, Chinese rural families commissioned images to honor and protect family members, and in some instances, their domestic and farm animals as seen in this exceptional, fine and rare carving.  Intricately carved from one piece of wood, it depicts a Taoist official holding a hu tablet on top above  the “Spring Ox” accompanied by the “Herd Box”, who together perform an ancient agricultural rituals at the end of each winter to wake the earth up so that spring can arrive.


  • Antique Nuo Opera Mask of Tudi Gong, China (16574BAK) $575

    H: 10.5”  W:7.75”  D: 3” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This amusing antique Nuo Opera mask portrays Tudi Gong, the benevolent Earth god with a smiling animated face, long eyebrows, a hemp beard and large ears  wearing a high decorative hat. Tudi is a zhengshen, a god who is kindly, honest with a gentle disposition, symbolizing the great power of good, through which evil can be defeated. Nuo was popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties and although they are still performed in rural areas, there are few remaining troupes.



  • Antique Stone Earth God Tudi Gong, China (17406BSK) $725

    H: 8”  W: 5”  D4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This antique stone Tudi Gong statue was finely crafted by a local provincial artisan and reflects many traditional characteristics of this beloved lower status deity: a benevolent face, voluminous rotund belly, slouched shoulders, and holding taels to bestow wealth and fortune and maybe assurances to rural common folk. In his past he rested happily on an outdoor shrine, and would be very happy to continue doing so in a home garden to bring prosperity and an aura of past times to a new family.

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  • Antique/Vintage Earth God Tudi Gong with Wife, China (16342LOE) $750

    H: 12.375”  W: 4.875”  D: 3.625” | FREE SHIPPING

    This merry pair of Tudi Gong, the Earth God with his wife Tudi Po are portrayed as very endearing, jolly and approachable deities who probably were placed on a home shrine in a rural agrarian area. They are dressed as lower status civilian officials in elaborate but earthy robes in vibrant hues – he with a mandarin square of a bird and she with a stylized phoenix on her hat and sit in officials poses on backless chairs with a decorative pedestals. Just being in their presence makes you want to smile and share their happiness.

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  • Vintage Carved Dewi Sri Rice Harvest Goddess, Bali (3044WOK) $425

    Ht: 14.5”  W: 3.5”  D: 2.25” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This rare vintage carving was probably made for a  home shrine or small rice field temple dedicated to Dewi Sri, the Balinese Goddess of Rice. The hole near the bottom indicates it may have been part of a larger decorative scheme.

  • Vintage Hand Carved Dewi Sri, Hindu Rice Goddess, Indonesia, Bali (3045DLK) $265

    H: 14.5″  W: 6.625″  D: 2.375″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This very fine and very beautiful vintage woodcarving of Dewi Sri , Devi Sri or Sridevi in Java, the Balinese Hindu goddess of rice and prosperity, is in excellent condition considering it is a much used vintage piece. Personally collected in Bali in the 1970s, it reflects the offerings made to Dewi Sri placed in the rice fields to protect the rice harvest. She is depicted here as a young, attractive and fertile woman wearing a striking, highly detailed and decorative headdress similar to those worn in Balinese dances leaving her upper forehead bare and framing her oval face with high curved eyebrows, wide-open eyes and beautiful pursed lips. With its flat back it can be mounted on a wall.

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