Vintage Jauk Demon Mask, Bali (1301-16QBE) $110


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Most jauk keras (stong, scary) masks of a giant are often red or orange to reinforce a volatile dance with jerky movements. This jauk manis (good, sweet) mask dance is a more controlled, regulated and enacted with more calm and human movements. Personally collected in Bali in the 1970s, it is in excellent condition with expected minor scratches and paint losses.


Mask (topeng in Indonesia, tapel in Bali) dances are backed by a percussion orchestra (gamelan). A jauk  dance highlight occurs when the dancer quickly moves forward towards children in front row shaking his long fingernails to scare them. They scream and scamper away, even though they know it is coming, but soon return. Jauk masks usually have bulging eyes and prominent teeth of a giant and are usually reddish or orange symbolizing a hot-headed character. In Bali, masks are folk-art and ethnic images that are also offerings to the gods. Made from durable and light pulai wood enhancing pigments, it is crack resistant and easy to carve. Fear is engendered in forceful, quick erratic movements and gestures, but this jauk manis (sweet) is less scary, more controlled using measured movements. Dancers wear elaborate headdresses with moving elements that adds tension to the dance. The carver’s skills are seen in the pop- out eyes, the set of  projecting teeth and a flat misshapen nose. Each of the 4500  temples celebrate the date of their founding (odalan) with colorful temple decorations, all attendees dressed in traditional Balinese clothing, food, floral and fruit offerings to the gods and mask dances, so they occur often. The rarely seen inside has indentations and there is a wash to make it mask look older despite it being very well carved. Balinese masks are part if the VA Hindu-Cultural-and-Ritual art Collection. 

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
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Circa 1975


Vintage (1920-1980)

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Ht: 7.625” W: 6.125” D: 3.375”

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Ht: 19.36cm W: 15.55cm D: 8.57cm


7 oz


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