Founded over 2,500 years ago, Buddhism has been a universal religion based on the teachings of the Buddha that encourage followers to reason and question, even the teachings of the Buddha himself. The highest goal of Buddhism is to escape the cycle of death and rebirth by achieving enlightenment and entering a timeless state known as nirvana in which one is free of all desire. Buddhism is divided into several sects, the main ones are Theravada in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos ) which uses Pali texts, Mahayana in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam) which uses Sanskrit texts and Vajrayana (Tibet, Nepal). Chan is the oldest Mahayana school and the originating tradition of Japanese Zen Buddhism from the 6th century. Vajrayana, also called Tantric or Esoteric Buddhism, is an outgrown of Mahayana Buddhism and most closely associated with Tibetan Buddhism developed about 500–600 C.E. in India.

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  • Antique Bronze Miniature Stupa/Pagoda, Nepal (3207LME) $425

    H: 3.25” Dia: 2.25″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This 18th-century antique hand-made bronze 7-level stupa/pagoda was made in Nepal and was purchased in the 1970s in Kathmandu. This fine example has decorative details around the base and two of the round eaves have scalloped edges. It was used for personal devotion on a home altar or shrine. Antique Buddhist items are now extremely scarce in Nepal.

  • Vintage Miniature Monk’s Hsun Ok Offering Bowl, Burma/Myanmar (6219EHC) $185

    H: 10.5”  Dia: 4.25″ | FREE SHIPPING

    Made in Pagan this miniature hsun ok demonstrates the remarkable sense of design of Burmese wood-carvers. It is crafted in two separate parts and replicates the shape of larger hsun-Ok, which traditionally have covers with spired lids topped by elegant finials that imitate the soaring outline of Burmese stupa finials. This modest piece is composed of circular tiers repeated on the foot and the bottom part of the stupa finial top.

  • Vintage Wood Tibetan Lama Mask, China (16936B-IRK) $295

    H: 14.75”  W: 7.75”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This well carved vintage Cham dance mask is an individualized yet generic Tibetan lama used in a public dance performed to educate the masses, promote ethical and moral practices and scare away negative spirits. Although depicting a Tibetan lama, it may have been made in China or Nepal where it was purchased. Depicted with realistic, intense yet reassuring features in a slender face with open mouth, large eyes, elongated ears and animal hair for his mustache, beard and ears, his alert angular eyebrows, soft lips and cheeks are highlighted with pigmentation. Portrayed as a wise man in deep concentration, his headdress is significantly painted in red and yellow associated with powerful rituals and symbolizes wisdom and compassion. It is in excellent condition with minor signs of wear consistent with age and use.

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