Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings or Buddhist law and one of the “Three Gems or Jewels of Buddhism”: the Buddha, the Sangha (the community of monks) and the Dharma. Images of Guanyin are often depict with her reading the dharma. in her cave at Putuo.

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  • Antique Large Buddha in Teaching Mudra, China (17013BREM) CALL FOR PRICE

    H: 30″  W: 18″  D: 10″ | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING AND PRICE INFORMATION

    This superb, colorful and rare carved Buddha is seated in vitarka-mudra, the taching hand position. His delicately carved calm face has a benevolent and compassionate expression with a slight reassuring smile. The elegant body appears to float above deeply carved swirls reminiscent of clouds. Fine facial features, the graceful body and exquisitely carved and painted drapery make this a truly impressive and striking image. Given its size and masterful carving , it should hold a place and be revered commensurate with its spirituality and artistry.

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  • Antique Massive Lacquered Guanyin in Vitarka, China (5689SEME) CALL FOR PRICE

    H: 42”  W: 25”  D: 27.5” | FOR PRICE AND SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This powerful, exquisite and rare almost life-size Guanyin seated in teaching mudra to spread the dharma, radiates serene spiritual energy. To optimally enjoy this statue, she should be placed in an elevated position as it was modeled to be viewed from below. Magnificently carved and covered with lacquer, this statue will fill any environment with meditative tranquility.  Authentic Buddhist carved images of this size, beauty, quality, and shape are very difficult to find, especially after China’s modernization.


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    Antique Nanhai Guanyin of the South Sea Holding a Scroll, China (16420LKE) SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $1,550.00.Current price is: $1,350.00.
    H: 15.25″  W: 7.5″  D: 6.5″ |SHIPPING INFORMATION REQUIRED. CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    Masterfully carved, this Nanhai Guanyin sits in lalitsana holding a scroll representing the Lotus Sutra. This finely sensitive provincial carving portrays her as a modest mature compassionate goddess in serene repose, with a delicate face  half-closed almond eyes, pursed lips, and full cheeks. Mounted on a frosted acrylic base, it is a wonderful carving to enhance any meditative space.


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    Antique Nanhai Guanyin of the Southern Seas, China (19414BLK) $750 SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $750.00.Current price is: $650.00.
    H: 9.5” Dia: 4.25″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This charming extremely well-modeled carving depicts a White Robed Nanhai Guanyin in her Cave on Mount Putuo seated on an open lotus in lalitsana below an arch of draped moss . Nanhai Guanyin was massively popular in the Ming/Qing dynasties when provincial wood images were made for home altars throughout China. She holds a scroll representing Buddhist teachings accompanied by a vial with the tears of humanity and a parrot, her constant companion.  Small home shrine Nanhai images with all these symbols are rare.


  • Antique Polychrome Monk on Stand, China (16328CSE) $1350

    H: 23.25″  W: 31.75″  D: 9″ | call for shipping 323-568-3030

    This serene and meditational figure represents a Mahayana Buddhist monk on a backless chair, right leg crossed and right hand palms out in a sign of blessing.  With his gentle features – eyes half-closed looking down and his mouth set in a slight sweet smile, enlarged ear lobes of an enlightened being – and softly flowing robe he brings a peaceful and meditative spirt to any space. Made to be viewed in the round It mounted on a custom black wood stand.

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    Bronze Guanyin in Meditation, Thailand (11250BKE) $485 SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $485.00.Current price is: $395.00.
    H: 19.5”  W: 9.375”  D: 9” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    This lovely 20th century Thai bronze statue is the White Clad Guanyin seated in meditation with her hands in her lap holding her vial of precious dew with her legs covered by her robes which flow to the top of the finely rendered multi-tiered lotus throne. Her open hood is centered by a mandorla surrounding an image of Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light, her spiritual teacher. She is a vision of compassionate serenity with her half closed eyes and benevolent smile.

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  • Vintage Brass Buddha with Aureole, Nepal (30611LEM) $790

    H: 25.5”  W: 11”  D: 6.5” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This fine vintage brass Buddha Shakyamuni sculpture reflects characteristics of unique Nepalese style. With both hands in teaching mudra, wearing in the “wet style” monks robe, he stands with similar to a contrapposto posture, weight supported on a single leg suggesting movement.  His elaborate regal pedestal has a removable aureole with  wheel of the dharma above two Buddhist protective lions. This piece is elegant in its simplicity and expresses the Buddha’s refined and restrained meditative spirituality.

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