Mooncakes are round, moon-shaped bakery delicacies also called “sweetmeats” that are eaten during the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival and shared at gatherings with family, friends and business associates. Special and beautiful auspicious designs for blessings and good wishes are fashioned into the crust and in the past were often produced using carved wood sweetmeat confection molds. Varying by region, each confection is a Chinese pastry with auspicious designs on the crust stuffed with pastes of lotus seeds, green tea, and red bean, cooked meats, fruits, nuts, and/or vegetables mixed with egg yolks as well as round fruits like persimmons which symbolize reunion (tuanyuan). Their shape imitates the harvest moon in the sky during the time of the festival symbolizing the inclusiveness and togetherness that brings prosperity and reunion to the extended family.

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  • Antique Carved Sweetmeat Confection Mold, China (3214A-BKE)

    H: 5.625″  W: 27.875″  D: 9.75″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This exceptionally crafted and beautiful footed confection mould  was most probably a marriage gift from a wealthy family to the newly wed as seen its symbols.  It is elaborated and ornately decorated in vibrant reds and gilt with many auspicious symbols for fidelity, fertility and happiness with lotuses and pods filled with seeds, bats, paired fish and intertwined vines. 


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  • Antique/Vintage Sweetmeats Confection-Mold, China (19434DRK) $425

    H: 16.5″  W: 10.5″  D: 2.25″ CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    This finely detailed hardwood mold was used to make sweetmeats confections, perhaps mooncakes for the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival. It is covered with deeply carved propitious symbols for marital harmony, sons and successful endeavors:  a four clawed dragon for fertility, two ducks symbolizing marital bliss and harmony, one atop a carp for conjugal bliss and achieving noble rank and a boat with a sail for making all this easy sailing. This would be a great accessory or gift (especially for weddings) to spice up any kitchen.

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  • SOLD Antique Moon Cake Confection Mold, China (1150LEM) $1150

    SOLD H: 18.25”  W: 9”  D: 1.875” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This intricately hand carved antique Chinese hardwood confection mold was used to create mooncakes to celebrate the Mid Autumn Moon Festival.  The five separate molds are references to the Jade Rabbit, the mythical hare residing on the moon who creates the elixir of mortality and eats Osmanthus leaves. Filled with symbolic references, it is an intriguing and beautiful piece of art.

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