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This intricately hand carved antique Chinese hardwood confection mold was used to create mooncakes to celebrate the Mid Autumn Moon Festival.  The five separate molds are references to the Jade Rabbit, the mythical hare residing on the moon who creates the elixir of mortality and eats Osmanthus leaves. Filled with symbolic references, it is an intriguing and beautiful piece of art.

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The Mid Autumn Moon Festival, also called the Mooncake Festival, is the 2nd most important holiday after the Chinese New Year, celebrated when the full moon is at its brightest point on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is a time for multi-generational gatherings when families dine together in harmony, make offerings to bring good luck and long life and eat mooncakes shaped like a full moon with auspicious designs. The three legendary figures associated with the Mid Autumn Moon Festival –  the Moon Goddess Chang’e, the Jade Rabbit and Wu Gang the wood cutter with the Osmanthus Tree – all represent the renewal of life associated with the autumn harvest. This wonderful antique wood block for making mooncakes is an homage to the pious and benevolent Jade Rabbit. The stand lets you view both sides with two molds on front and three on back in which dough is placed to create the mooncake shape. In Taoist belief the Jade Rabbit lives on the moon preparing an elixir for the Moon goddess and immortals that assures their longevity. In the center of the moon on front and back are mirror images with the Jade Rabbit holding his pestle to create the elixir. The Jade Rabbit eats osmanthus tree leaves which bears fragrant flowers during the Autumn Moon and both sides of the mold have the osmanthus tree and its flowers: on the front the rabbit holds a sprig his mouth and, on the back the outer border contains osmanthus flowers and leaves. Once common in all Chinese kitchens as a functional-and-utilitarian item, mooncake molds are now rare and collectible folk-art as a unique kitchen accessory. With its soft patina, brilliantly detailed carving, and museum-quality metal stand, this rare mold would be a warm and special kitchen accessory, and an especially wonderful and striking gift for newlyweds.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in
Place of Origin



Antique, Qing Dynasty



Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Height: 15” On Stand Ht: 17.25” W: 9” D: 1.875”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 38.1cm On Stand Ht: 43.815cm W: 2.54cm D: 4.7625cm


Excellent, fine patina demonstrating age and use

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