Rabbits represent longevity and immortality and are closely associated with August moon traditions. According to Taoist legend, the rabbit who lives on the moon is a companion to the Moon goddess Chang’e. Called the “jade rabbit” or “moon rabbit,” he is entrusted with pounding herbs as an elixir for the goddess and the immortals to assure their longevity. In ancient China the moon was represented as a rabbit inside a white disk. The jade rabbit eats the distinctive leaves of the osmanthus tree which bears small fragrant flowers in the 8th month of the year during the Autumn Moon and both the rabbit and leaves are portrayed in round mooncakes. During the Autumn Moon Festival Chinese women often wear jade rabbits as a wish for longevity.

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  • SOLD Antique Moon Cake Confection Mold, China (1150LEM) $1150

    SOLD H: 18.25”  W: 9”  D: 1.875” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This intricately hand carved antique Chinese hardwood confection mold was used to create mooncakes to celebrate the Mid Autumn Moon Festival.  The five separate molds are references to the Jade Rabbit, the mythical hare residing on the moon who creates the elixir of mortality and eats Osmanthus leaves. Filled with symbolic references, it is an intriguing and beautiful piece of art.

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