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  • Ancient Bronze Mountain Goat Amulet, Iran, Luristan (1941BCE) $395

    H: 3″  W: 3.125″  D: 1.25″ | FREE SHIPPING

    In early culture to cast objects in bronze, Luristan artists made sophisticated and imaginative bronzes prized in the ancient world for their inventive designs and fine craftsmanship. They depicted local animals wherever they were, as a long horned goat like this was hunted and a major source of food for survival. This finely made standing figurine has a surprisingly detailed shaped head with long antlers, tall thin legs, large eyes and a slightly curved body and is mounted on a Lucite base.

  • Antique Silver Ganesh Pendant with Four Arms and Sweets (22043BLE) $395

    Ht: 5.125   W: 3.75″ D: 0.625″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This massive, heavy silver pendant represents a four armed Ganesh seated within a betel shape frame wearing a crown and reaching for modak, a rice flour sweet dumpling filled with coconut that is his favorite treat.  Ganesh pendants are worn for good luck as he is the God who removes the obstacles in devotees’ lives.



  • Antique Silver Hindu Pendant Necklace Krishna with Gopis, India (20045BCL) $695

    Ht: 3.625”  W: 3.5”  D: 0.75  5oz. | FREE SHIPPING!

    This rare antique tribal amulet of high grade silver with fine high relief craftsmanship is truly magnificent. It portrays Hindu Lord Krishna sitting in the Tree of Life playing his melodious flute serenading the Gopis who become enthralled with his spiritual music symboling the Hindu belief in the loving interplay between the deities and the human soul. Krishna pendants are protective, have healing powers and bring devotees spiritually closer to him.

  • Antique/Vintage Silver Pendant of Ganesh with Parvati, India (22059XHE) $295

    Ht: 2.75”. W: 2.5” D: 0.25” 1.3oz.    FREE SHIPPING!

    This rare pendant of Ganesh and his mother Parvati seated on a throne is framed within a betel shape with scalloped edges.  It is finely crafted heavy silver piece with a top round suspension loop that mirrors the ovule on the bottom. Used as a protective amulet, it shows signs of wear that give it a smooth fine patina.

  • Vintage Shell Ear Cover, Male Figure, India (1639B-GKE) $225

    Ht: 5.25  W: 3.75:  D: 3.75″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    Conch shell ear covers are worn by Naga men only andare attached to pierced ears using thin natural fiber strings with glass bead, wood or bamboo stoppers. They are made with one of two stippled (engraved, marked with black dots) designs on the shell that is a difficult process. This rare one portrays a standing frontal male in a wide stance with his arms and hands with fingers held up and an abstract round head atop a long neck and is part of a pair with 1639A-GKE.

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