Antique Silver Hindu Pendant Necklace Krishna with Gopis, India (20045BCL) $695


Ht: 3.625”  W: 3.5”  D: 0.75  5oz. | FREE SHIPPING!

This rare antique tribal amulet of high grade silver with fine high relief craftsmanship is truly magnificent. It portrays Hindu Lord Krishna sitting in the Tree of Life playing his melodious flute serenading the Gopis who become enthralled with his spiritual music symboling the Hindu belief in the loving interplay between the deities and the human soul. Krishna pendants are protective, have healing powers and bring devotees spiritually closer to him.


Krishna, an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu, is the god of love, protection and compassion and one of the most revered and popular of all Hindu deities. The focus of devotional cults for centuries, he has been a frequent inspiration for religious poetry, music and painting. This rare and exquisitely detailed antique silver pendant depicts Krishna in one of his most common representations: sitting in a tree of life playing his flute above 8 dancing Gopis, many with raised arms. The tree of life is a sacred cosmic tree of knowledge connecting the heavens to earth and the underworld and connects the living with ancestors and deities. As a youth, the cowherd Krishna became renowned as a lover, using the sound of his flute to prompt the Gopis – wives and daughters of cowherds who are venerated in Hindu scriptures and art as Krishna’s consorts – to leave their homes to dance ecstatically with him in the moonlight. Through their intense unconditional, spiritual and divine love and dedication the Gopis blended with Krishna devoid of sexual passion. In this pendant they are depicted naked as Krishna has tricked them and stolen their clothes as they were bathing in the Ganges. They plead to Krishna to return their clothes as he sits in a tree playing his flute admiring them. Krishna is associated with the connection between divine love and human love and his youthful flirtations with the Gopis are interpreted as symbols of the loving interplay between God and the human soul. Krishna pendants are protective amulets that remove malicious spirits, produce healing powers and bring devotees spiritually closer to him. Adorned with decorative dangles on the bottom, this remarkable pendant hangs from a vintage 28″ coin silver chain. This tribal silver amulet was made in Rajasthan in very high relief with decorative borders inside a scallop frame with 13 teardrop dangles. This piece is part of the VA Collections of  Hindu-Cultural-and-Ritual art and Deities-and-Legends.

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Antique (1200-1920)



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Ht: 3.625” W: 3.5” D: 0.75”


5 oz


Excellent, age appropriate signs of wear

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