Antique/Vintage Rangda Mask on Museum Stand, Indonesia, Bali (1310BML)


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Central to Balinese culture and lore, Rangda is the demon-queen ruling an army of witches practicing black magic. Frightening, she has two upper fangs and two lower fangs now lost, scary teeth, jagged elements around her head, bulging eyes and painted red symbolizing someone angry and threatening. In very good condition considering its age and use, it has expected paint losses, scratches and a fine patina. Personally collected in the 1970s, she is mounted on a museum-quality metal stand.



All Hindu villages in Bali, Indonesia have a sacred collection of Balinese-woodcarvings in the form of Balinese-dance-masks (topeng) danced as offerings to the gods with a gamelan percussion orchestra. Balinese dance masks are called topeng which are “tenget”(endowed with magic). Included are two masks central to Balinese mythology, culture and their past of animism: the nasty Rangda and Barong, leader of the forces of good. Rangda is the demon-queen head of an army of witches and spirits practicing black magic. Although there are different types, the most popular Barong is a lion-like animal able to negate Rangda’s power and malevolence. A major clash between these two  beings is featured in the epic Barong dance or Calonarang where Barong prevails and is able to restore the traditional balance and stability of the village. Folk-art and ethnic masks from Bali like this are considered Hindu-cultural-and-ritual art and are highly respected in the Balinese community.

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Antique/Vintage (1910-1980)



Materials and Technique

Wood, polychrome

Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 8.625” W: 7.25 D: 6"

Dimensions (metric)

Mask Ht: 39.37cm W: 21.9cm D: 15.24cm, On stand: Ht: 21.9cm W: 18.41cm D: 15.24cm


Very good, see description

Condition - Simple

Very Good

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