The powerful demon-queen and personification of evil, Rangda, means widow and the head of an army of witches, the forces of evil and practitioners of black magic. The clash between them is featured in an epic dance encounter called the Barong dance (Calonarang) portraying the timeless battle between good and evil where Barong restores the traditional balance and stability of the village and its inhabitants.

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  • Antique/Vintage Rangda Mask on Museum Stand, Indonesia, Bali (1310BML) $875

    H: 15.5”  W: 8.625”  D: 6” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    Central to Balinese culture and lore, Rangda is the demon-queen ruling an army of witches practicing black magic. Frightening, she has two upper fangs and two lower fangs now lost, scary teeth, jagged elements around her head, bulging eyes and is red symbolizing someone angry and threatening. In very good condition considering its age and use, it has expected paint losses, scratches and a fine patina. Personally collected in the 1970s, she is mounted on a museum-quality metal stand.


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