Antique Official with Hu Tablet, China (14001ZSK)


H: 14.25”  W: 5.5”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

This unique and dense antique/vintage carving may represent the noted historical figure:  the principal regent Dorgon  of the first Qing Emperor Shunzhi who ruled from 1643-1650 as a”quasi” emperor based  on the four-character inscription that reads “Southern Holy Emperor.” He is presented wearing an impressive and detailed hat and coat holding a hu tablet characteristic of one standing before an emperor.



When ancestral images are taken out of context they are very difficult to identify so we describe them in generic terms as a Chinese Officials or Taoist-Officials. This antique-Chinese-wood-carving image holds a hu-tablet and wears officials-attire that are associated with court officials. We have made an assumption about the identify of image as one of the important Chinese-officials based on the four-character inscription that reads “Southern Holy Emperor.”  As most portraits of the emperor are as a beardless young ruler who died at 22 of smallpox and Dorgon’s portraits are always of a heavily bearded man, this carving is probably the regent Dorgon. He is presented wearing an impressive and detailed hat and coat which is not the normal attire emperors would wear and his hu-tablet is more characteristic for one standing before an emperor. It was probably placed on a home altar along with other house gods, ancestor figures, and religious images, part of the ancestor- worship tradition. It was consecrated with its original inconspicuous painted and lacquer covered bung. Although it is a provincial piece, it is very well carved in very good condition with finely aged patina, minor paint losses, and a crack in the lower center that does not compromise the piece. This is part of the VA Spiritual-and-Inspirational Collection of Deities-and-Legends.

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Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in

19-20th Century

Materials and Technique

Wood, polychrome, lacquer

Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 14.25” W: 5.5” D: 4”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 36.19cm W: 13.02cm D: 10.15cm


3 lbs 1 oz


Very good, see description

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