Ancient Glazed Ceramic Han Wing Cup, China (1009BOH) $450


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This Han dynasty green glazed winged cup is a mingqi burial object placed in a tomb to comfort and satisfy the deceased. Winged cups were popular during the Han Dynasty when they were made from molded earthenware covered with a thick green leaded glaze which sometimes , as here, caused a chemical reaction between the lead and the tomb’s humidity resulting in an iridescent silver-green color.


Wing or ear cups (yushang), a term that describes its side flange-like additions to its ovoid body, appeared as early as the Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BCE) made in lacquer and later from a variety of materials. Scholars believe they were used by rich and poor with the difference in the cost of materials reflecting the position and status of the deceased. The winged sides were to steady the cup while it floated down streams during ceremonies and aid it keep its contents. Poems and literary references to winged cups appear in early Chinese literature and the Annuls of the Han Dynasty described the inscription of emperor Wudi’s cup in 164 BCE as “May the life of the ruler of men be lengthened.” Pottery pieces were very popular in the Han dynasty and were used as mingqi burial objects. Often mold made using red earthenware clay covered with a thick green glaze, the lead in the glaze and the tomb’s humidity caused a chemical reaction fresulting in a lustrous, iridescent, silver-green glaze color prized by collectors, especially as it is impossible to recreate. Ancient winged cups were popular Han functional and utilitarian vessels and used for rituals and ceremonies and rituals to contain fragrances, food or wine; and the side handles made it easy to grasp. It is in very good condition considering its age and use with considerable silver-green glazed luminous iridescence remaining.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Ancient, Han Dynasty


206 BCE-220 CE

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Ht: 1.5” W: 5.125” D: 3.875”

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Ht: 3.81cm W: 13.02 D: 9.84cm


5.6 oz


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