Antique Mandarin Ancestor on Horseshoe Chair, China (18061BEM) $455


Ht: 8.5″  W: 4″  D: 3.375″ | FREE SHIPPING!

This small fine quality piece depicts a modest ancestor figure as a Mandarin official seated in a horseshoe chair on a raised pedestal emphasizing his importance wearing the traditional mandarin 5-button long coat with a round collar, a plain officials hat, and an undergarment extending to the top of his black shoes. He has a somewhat personalized oval-shaped tranquil face, a high forehead with curved painted brows, a hint of a smile on his pursed lips, and a triangular pigtail down his back.



Ancestor-figures like this portrayed as a Mandarin official were placed on a home altar along with other house gods and religious images to bring blessings of fu to the household. Mandarin officials were lesser status public officials who acquired this rank by passing rigid exams. In the Qing dynasty this designation was considered so significant that families emphasize this status in their ancestral figures. Ancestor figures, a form of filial piety was a cornerstone of ancestor-worship, one of the main tenets of Confucianism. This  official has a serious expressions, sits on a horseshoe chair showing his status and wears compulsory officials-attire. After the Ming Dynasty fell (1644) the Manchus required Han government officials and those serving at court only to wear changsang style clothing considered formal dress for men – a 5-button Mandarin long coat with a round collar and official headwear, a qing guanmao, a woven hat with finial whose shape and color reflected official’s rank (missing in this image). This antique-Chinese-wood-carving has a somewhat personalized oval-shaped tranquil face, painted brows, a hint of a smile on his pursed lips, and a triangular pigtail down his back. The center of the chair’s rear rail was removed to provide access to the large cavity that had a flat cover bung, now missing, indicating it was consecrated. It is in very good condition with an aged patina and expected cracks, paint and lacquer losses, and chips.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
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Antique, Qing Dynasty


19th Century

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 8.5” W: 4” D:3.375”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 21.59cm W: 10.16cm D: 8.57cm


1 lb


Excellent, fine patina demonstrating age and use

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