The basic aim of Confucianism, which was the official state cult in Imperial China, was and remains carrying out the duties and responsibilities appropriate to one’s position in society. Ancestor worship and reverence to family are fundamental elements of Confucianism. Rituals and ceremonies to honor ancestors must be performed in precise ways and when done properly, an individual can receive the aid, support and blessings of deceased relatives. Historically Taoism has been a link between Confucian beliefs and Popular Religion and folk traditions. Confucianism and Taoism both stress the importance of living in harmony with the “Way (Tao/ Dao) of Heaven.”

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  • Antique Mandarin Ancestor on Horseshoe Chair, China (18061BEM) $455

    Ht: 8.5″  W: 4″  D: 3.375″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This small fine quality piece depicts a modest ancestor figure as a Mandarin official seated in a horseshoe chair on a raised pedestal emphasizing his importance wearing the traditional mandarin 5-button long coat with a round collar, a plain officials hat, and an undergarment extending to the top of his black shoes. He has a somewhat personalized oval-shaped tranquil face, a high forehead with curved painted brows, a hint of a smile on his pursed lips, and a triangular pigtail down his back.


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