Antique Signed Meiji Kyoware Small Teapot, Japan (1136BEM) $265


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This refined traditional 19th century teapot is a Kyūsu (急須) ware with a high handle mainly used for brewing green tea. Each Kyo piece is custom made and hand-painted. This small, striking teapot was fired to create a luminescent beige color with a crackled glaze resulting in a glowing radiance. It is decorated with red and blue chrysanthemums with green petals in a gold-painted woven basket, a lid with blue chrysanthemum topped by a ball with a hole to allow steam to escape. Production of Kyo ware is limited, making these pieces rare and highly collected throughout the world.


Kyoware ( Kyoto or Kiyomizu ware), the world-famous pottery made in Kyoto, Japan near the Kiyomizu Temple, an important and historic Buddhist monument and UNESCO Heritage Site, is designated as one of the Traditional Crafts of Japan by the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Teaware, including teapots, teacups, pouring-vessels and items for the Japanese tea ceremony (Chanoyu ) have been produced there since the 16th century to entertain the intellectual and aristocratic elites living in Kyoto. Through the years, Chinese and Korean artisans have contributed to the refined skills and methods to cater to the highest artistic tastes. Kyo antiques are hand-thrown and painted with sophisticated designs and decoration appreciated worldwide. The stoneware glaze contain a high percentage of glass, which, although fired at a low temperature, make the pigments seem virtually transparent after firing. Its appearance is of such high quality that it is often mistaken for porcelain. The Japanese characters Kiyomizu seal of the kiln is on the bottom. As in many Asian countries, small-teapots are favored for single servings that enhance brewing and slow down consumption, adding to a greater enjoyment of the meditative tea drinking experience. The chrysanthemum (kiku in Japanese) in a basket in blue and red on the body and lid symbolizes longevity and rejuvenation. It is in excellent condition with an old repair on the rim. We recommend antique teaware be used only for decorative purposes and they make great gifts.


Japan Brand, Kiyomizu Wares,

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in
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Antique (1200-1920)


Late 19th/Early 20th Century

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 4” W: 5.25” D: 3.5"

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 10.16cm W: 13.34cm D: 8.89cm


6 oz


Excellent, See Descripton

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