Antique White Hooded Guanyin in Lalitsana (16533XLSE) SPECIAL PRICE

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This delicate carving of White Hooded is the personification of serenity and grace. . Seated in Lalitsana, the position of royal ease, her pedestal is held up in the back with three vertical supports that make her look as if she were a floating Bodhisattva. Originally placed on a home altar, her contemplative face exudes an aura of compassion and meditation.


This striking, beautiful and sensitive carving is White Hooded (also White Clad or White Robed) one of the most frequent portrayed of her 33 manifestations. Introduced in 10th century Song Dynasty this manifestation portrays her as a humble and modest deity reflecting the features of an ordinary Chinese female, her face cast down in serenity and reflection. As the principal attendant of Amitabha Buddha of Infinite Light she is a main figure in Pure Land Buddhism, the most widespread Buddhist sect. Her white hood here which extends over her shoulders is draped over a stylized image of Amitabha Buddha. She sits in lalitsana, the posture of royal ease with her left knee up and right leg bent and lying sideways. Her left hand with delicate fingers rests above her knee while the rights rests on her pedestal for stability. She sits on a backless rocky throne covered with a cloth with multiple fold patterns. While the carving is dated 18th century, it has been reset into a base probably from the 19th century with a carved indentation to receive a detachable aureole and the visual result of this union is quite pleasing. The back cavity is missing its cover, revealing the red paper script placed there during a consecration by a Buddhist monk.  It was originally covered with red paint, gilt and lacquer. Much of the gilt remains and lacquer has darkened naturally over time exacerbated by being placed on an altar with offerings of candles and incense. Given its age and use, it is in very good condition with expected surface and paint losses.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in
Place of Origin



Antique, Qing Dynasty


18-19th Century

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Dimensions (inches)

Ht:13.5” W: 7.25” D: 6”

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Ht: 34.29cm W:18.41cm D: 15.24cm


3 lbs


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