Antique Repoussé Earth Witnessing Buddha, Tibetan (0001LEM) $595


H: 5.5”  W: 4.625”  D: 2” | FREE SHIPPING!

This wonderful gilt metal antique Tibetan repoussé image portrays Buddha in earth witnessing mudra (hand touching position) under a trefoil arch at the moment of his enlightenment. Mounted on an L-shaped wood stand, it is in excellent condition. This 17th century Tibetan work was decommissioned and subsequently purchased from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


This Tibetan Repoussé image presents various symbols of the Enlightenment of the Shakyamuni-Buddha. He sits within a trefoil arch on a lotus base  (padmapitha) under the bodhi tree in bhumisparsha mudra (earth witnessing or hand touching position) symbolizing the moment of his enlightenment  legs bent in (padmasana). The detailed trefoil arch surrounding the Buddha’s head and body is a triple aureole  symbolizing the flames of Buddhism. The flames are associated with Shakyamuni at the moment of Enlightenment, as the fire is a visible symbol of his attainment to supra-mundane consciousness, which literally means Enlightenment. (Rowland). Repoussé is metalwork that requires considerable skill, entailing two processes: first the artisan punches from the back or inside to form relief designs on the outside, then detail and definition is done by engraving the front directly into metal.


Rowland, Benjamin. “The Iconography of the Flame Halo.” Bulletin of the Fogg Art Museum 11, no. 1 (1949): 10-16. jstor, Accessed September 24, 2020.


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Place of Origin



Antique (1200-1920)

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Stand Ht: 5.5” W: 4.625” D: 2"; Piece Ht: 4” W: 3.625” D: 0.5”

Dimensions (metric)

Stand: Ht: 13.97cm W: 11.74 D: 5.08; Piece Ht: 10.16 W: 9.21” D: 1.27cm




Very good, patina and wear consistent with age and use

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