Trefoil comes from the Latin word for “leaf,” since its shape often resembles a leaf. A trefoil is a pattern of the outline of three overlapping rings, often used in Christian symbolism in church architecture and in crosses – especially Ethiopian Crosses – to represent the Holy Trinity which reflects the idea that God is one god in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The ‘trefoil flowers’ are at the ends of crossbars symbolize the Holy Trinity and the Resurrection. Three overlapping rings also depict the interconnected and inseparable nature of God.The form is also used in Buddhism in which a 3-foiled arch, aureole or nimbus (cloud) is used to highlight a supernatural being.

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  • Ancient Earthenware Carinated Flagon, Roman North Africa (3191BLB)

    H: 4.5”  W: 3”  D: 2.75” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Roman ceramic flagon is a uniquely shaped vessel used to store and pour potable liquids. A crème slip carinated jug with a high profile and a trefoil pouring spout, it has a strap handle attached from the carinated edge to just below the rim for easy handling.

  • Antique Ethiopian Coin Silver “Fleury” Cross (E335ZCE) $275

    H: 2.75″    W: 1.75 ”  | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This exquisite and unique Ethiopian Orthodox Cross is a modified Fleury Cross, each arm ending with three-part rounded finals with narrow borders enclosing a floral pattern creating visual harmony and symmetry The piece is large but light and delicate with finely crafted and pleasing dimensions. It is in excellent condition with a warm patina and signs of wear consistent with age and use.


  • Antique Ethiopian Coin Silver Fleury Cross (E338ZCE) $175

    Ht: 2.563″  W: 2.063″    | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This wonderful Coptic Cross is in the form of a fleury or floriated trefoil cross with the end of each arm splayed into three pointed lobes representing the Trinity. The body is embellished with parallel rows of small granulates which results in a vibrant textured surface. The chain is not included.



  • Antique Ethiopian Coptic Coin Silver “Fleury” Cross (E339DCE) $175

    Ht: 2.375″  W: 1.937″  | FREE SHIPPING!

    This magnificent Ethiopian-Cross is a Fleury or floriated trefoil cross with the end of each arm splayed out into three pointed lobes with ends in decorative clusters of three bosses representing the Trinity. The body is embellished with parallel rows of small granulates resulting in a wonderfully textured surface. The bosses and granulates were added after the lost wax process, making this a remarkable and unique one-of-a-kind work or art.

    The chain necklace is not included.

  • Antique Repoussé Earth Witnessing Buddha, Tibetan (0001LEM) $595

    H: 5.5”  W: 4.625”  D: 2” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This wonderful gilt metal antique Tibetan repoussé image portrays Buddha in earth witnessing mudra (hand touching position) under a trefoil arch at the moment of his enlightenment. Mounted on an L-shaped wood stand, it is in excellent condition. This 17th century Tibetan work was decommissioned and subsequently purchased from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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