Vintage Carving of a Brahmana, Museum Quality Stand, Bali (1267BEM) SPECIAL PRICE

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This charming Balinese mask is a traditional female Dayu, an ethnic Balinese high-caste Hindu Brahman Woman. This beautiful carving is too large to be a traditional dance mask , it is a beautiful decorative piece. Presented as a charming and beautiful woman from the top Hindu caste, she has delicate, detailed and sensitive features, that are superbly and subtlety carved. It is  presented on a museum quality metal stand.


This beautiful carving is too large to be a traditional dance mask, but is still a wonderful and fine folk art creation by an amazingly talented artisan. When it was collected in the 1970s, it was identified by the Balinese seller as Dayu or Dahyu, a high-caste Brahmana woman from the first Balinese caste. She is more specifically the queen Raja Putri the female counterpart of topeng dalem, the idealized mask of a Balinese king also in our collection.  Like the archetypal topeng dalem, she is an idealized and beautiful woman, the perfect noblewoman, the venerated ideal wife of a king or high court official, and an important character in Indonesian classical dance dramas. She appears in stories from Babad Dalem, a drama portraying the political history of Bali and Java written long ago by the court poets of various Indonesian kings. The mask is carved to represent her as being refined, sophisticated, intelligent, charming, and charismatic with delicate, detailed, and sensitive features.

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Vintage (1920-1980)



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Ht: 15.5” W: 8” D: 5”

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Ht: 39.37cm W: 20.32cm D: 13.01cm on stand


4 lbs


Excellent, age appropriate signs of wear

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