The use of masks is universal although there may be no word for mask in the culture using them. As transformative objects, they conceal the wearer’s identity but also reveal the meaning of the mask and what it represents. They are used for such diverse aims for it is mind-boggling: as a familiar historical or mythical person or gods or goddess taken from religions, plays, books, folk tales, dramas or mask dances; as priests, shamans, monks and local clerics performing religious or spiritual rituals; as one executing secret rituals known only to those who “get” the emblematic meaning known only to the group; or other “rites of passage” including initiations, creation myths, burials, agricultural events, feasts, dances and dramas where mythological beings, plants, animals, birds or other animate, inanimate or natural objects are in play. In some traditions as in Bali, masks of clowns, village idiots and even those with deformities provide slapstick humor and commentary to amuse the crowd, provide breaks in serious dramas and share public gossip about village denizens. Masks were used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome for different purposes and throughout Europe for carnivals, magic practices, pagan celebrations, fertility rituals and other festivities.

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  • Antique Nuo Opera Mask of Tudi Gong, China (16574BAK) $575

    H: 10.5”  W:7.75”  D: 3” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This amusing antique Nuo Opera mask portrays Tudi Gong, the benevolent Earth god with a smiling animated face, long eyebrows, a hemp beard and large ears  wearing a high decorative hat. Tudi is a zhengshen, a god who is kindly, honest with a gentle disposition, symbolizing the great power of good, through which evil can be defeated. Nuo was popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties and although they are still performed in rural areas, there are few remaining troupes.



  • Antique/Vintage Mask of a Comical Character, Bali (1266WCE) $395

    Ht: 7”  W: 5”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING!

    The third eye on this topeng bondres is ironic, as it depicts a very odd clown-like, personality. Very well-carved, he has uneven bloodshot eyes, an almost hairless head, angular bony eye-sockets and a recessed face with black age lines on each side of a puny nose. The protruding red lips, open mouth with two teeth and mustache are not balanced and describe a weirdo demanding our attention. He is a strange and wacky Balinese jokester who evokes laughter and is exactly what the Balinese love: a abnormal slapstick clown with physical oddities. Personally collected in Bali in the 1970s, this piece is in excellent condition for its age and use with expected minor paint losses and scrapes.

  • Rare Vintage Jauk Mask, Lombok (1320ZAR) $395

    H: 7.5”  W: 5”  D: 3.75” | FREE SHIPPING

    This finely carved vintage jauk mask is the manis (sweet, softer) version of a jauk mask. It and the dance present the gentle traits of a giant having more normal human-like features and a smile, and its white color is usually symbolic of purity. Those colored red or orange represent one easy to anger. Collected in the 1970s in Lombok, this mask is rare as then  Lombok the Balinese community usually did not sell their masks. It has a fine aged patina with expected hairline cracks and frayed eyebrows consistent with its age and use.

  • Vintage Carved Tibetan Cham Mask of a Horse, Nepal (11325B-GHL) $325

    H: 13.5”  W: 7.5”  D: 5” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Tibetan mask shows the mastery of Tibetan carvers. It emphasizes the horse’s strength and alertness by cutting deeply around the large and widely separated eyes, raising the lids, creating black eyelash lash patterns as if the horse is moving and proving its strength and stamina. Its open mouth reinforces this and reveals a fine set of teeth. In excellent condition, it was personally collected in Nepal in the late 1970’s.

  • Vintage Carving of a Brahmana, Museum Quality Stand, Bali (1267BEM) $675

    H: 15.5”  W: 8”  D: 5.125” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    Identified in Bali as Topeng Dayu or Dahyu, the mask of a Brahmana, it is a bit large to be a dance mask and, if smaller, could have filled a series of important  roles in mask dances and dramas. Presented as a charming and beautiful woman from the top Hindu caste, she has delicate, detailed and sensitive features, and the carving is superbly and subtlety modeled. There are some minor paint losses and darkening of the yellow paint but its condition remains very good given its age and use, and it is  presented on a museum quality stand.


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  • Vintage Dyak Ancestor Mask Museum Stand, Kalimantan (1300BMK) $675

    H: 16”  W: 7.875”  D: 3.375” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This vintage Dyak hudoq mask from Kalimantan (Borneo) reflects many characteristic hudoq elements: its characteristic head shape, white designs on the forehead and face, the curled mustache arabesques and other carved and painted areas around the eyes  creating a well-carved, special and impressive image.  Made from a single wood piece, it is a transitional stage carving that stylistically reflects traditional Dayak (Dyak) masks but blends it with Javanese mask traditions. Collected personally in Bali in the 1970s, it comes with a museum-quality metal stand.


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    Vintage Javanese Mask of Old Man Featured in Spider Man Movie (1318XKR) $985

    Original price was: $1,150.00.Current price is: $985.00.
    H: 14.875”  W: 6”  D: 4.125” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This fine antique Javanese mask is in the mannered decorative style of the Javanese court in Jogjakarta. His age is expressed in the exaggerated facial structure, the  decorative wrinkled skin pattern on his face, the toothless expression of his mouth and his extended chin. Considering its age and use, it is in very good condition with  paint-flake losses. Possibly owned by a mask dancer before it was personally collected in Jogjakarta in the 1970s, it would be unique addition to any mask collection. It was featured in the original Spiderman 2002 movie along with the Timor Ancestor Mask (1203) and the Dyak Ancestor Mask (1314) in the collection of the Green Goblin and comes with a museum quality metal stand. The three masks look spectacular together.


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  • Vintage King’s Strong Minister Mask, Bali (1301-18PBE) $125

    Ht: 8.5”  W: 6.51”  D: 4.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This traditional Patih (minister) Keras (hard, strong, forceful) Balinese mask is deeply carved, and his huge red lips symbolize a tough, intense, easy to anger but powerful man in a position of prestige. Exaggerated facial elements of large bulging eyes, a powerful stare, huge, bright red lips and a thick animal hair/hide mustache indicate his internal strength as a trusted minister carrying out his king’s wishes. This mask was personally collected in Bali in the 1970s and is in excellent condition with minor scratches and losses consistent with age.

  • Vintage Mask of a King (Topeng Dalem), Bali (1301-32JBE) $110

    H: 7.375″   W:  5.625″   D: 3 ” | FREE SHIPPING!

    A traditional Balinese mask, this is a refined and idealized model of a Hindu king (dalem) and is usually white, the color of purity. The mask and dance portrays the actions, traits and gestures of a good king having grace, poise, dignity and refinement. Well carved and balanced, it has fine proportions and the crown, animal hide/hair, eyebrows and mustache are well integrated to present a confident king. Personally collected in Bali in the 1970s, it is in very good condition with a wash applied as a patina to make it look older.

  • Vintage Mask of a King, Bali (1301-12EBE) $105

    H: 8.125 ”  W: 6″  D: 3.5 ” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Dalem is an idealized and refined mask (topeng, tapel) of a model Hindu King from Bali and is usually white symbolizing purity. The mask and dance present actions, postures and gestures validating the traits of a good king: grace, poise, dignity and refinement. This piece is well carved, balanced and in fine proportion, and the crown and the animal hide and hair eyebrows and mustache are well integrated in portraying the king’s confidence. It is in very good condition with a wash applied as a the mask to make it look older. It was personally collected in Bali in the 1970s.

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  • Vintage Mask of a Strong King’s Minister, Bali (1301-17NBE) $125

    H: 7.75”  W: 5.5”  D: 3” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This mask is patih keras, a strong king’s prime minister in orange symbolizing a tough, intense and powerful person reinforced by his large bulging eyes, powerful stare, red lips and full black moustache. Personally collected in Bali in the 1970s, this beautifully carved mask is in excellent condition with a wash applied on the back to make it look older.

  • Vintage Small Rangda Mask, Balinese from Lombok (1265GCE) $395

    H: 6.375”  W: 4.875”  D: 2.5” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This traditional but unusual mask (topeng) of Rangda was a rare toy or was used to teach  children Balinese lore and religious and artistic expression. It has wonderfully carved upper fangs, bulging eyes and protruding teeth and, as a personification of evil Rangda, who leads an evil army that instills anxiety and fear. This mask is in very good condition considering its age and use.


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