Vintage Doll in Ceremonial Dress, China (1301C-EAO) $195


H: 8.75″  W: 4″  D: 3.125″ | FREE SHIPPING!

Originally mounted on the wood stick now inserted into an acrylic stand, this vintage elegantly dressed female doll is a dancer in ceremonial dress holding her elongated finely defined hands in front of her chest. Her wood head is beautifully painted and her black hair is intricately coiffed in a bun, a ponytail down her back, and with two upstanding ovals decorated with sequins, cloth, and plastic florals. She wears a long beige flowing dress with a contrasting yellow jacket, belt and sash that hangs down to the base inset with five pedal sequin flowers symbolizing a plum blossom and a wish for the Five Blessings and longevity.


This doll is a Chinese nuo opera dancer whose costume decorated with 5-petal plum blossoms symbolizing longevity and, with its 5 petals, a wish for the Five Blessings or Happinesses. In many cultures, dolls were children’s entertainment and didactic tools to teach beliefs, philosophy, lore, and history specific to each culture. In China dolls were a folk-art tradition for rural and city residents that communicated and explained cultural symbols, customs, folktales, rituals, holiday celebrations, and family events and milestones to a generally illiterate population that required visual education. Small, charming, and attractively dressed vintage Chinese dolls were decorated to the extent funds were available to echo attire people would see at holiday occasions, Chinese Nuo opera, Chinese dance, puppet presentations, and other public events. When dolls were soiled from use, their clothing was cleaned or replaced. The four opera dancer dolls we offer are charming as a collection, and are all mounted on a modern uniquely crafted hand finished frosted Acrylic base.


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Place of Origin



Vintage (1920-1980)



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Dimensions (inches)

H: 8.75"  W: 4"  D: 3.125"

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Ht: 22.22cm W: 10.16cm D: 7.94cm




Excellent, age appropriate signs of wear

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