Standard in daily Hindu prayer rituals (puja), bells call the devoted to worship and summon deities to enter the home or temple to grace followers with their presence. The sound increases the spiritual atmosphere and the intensity of the religious experience.

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  • Antique Hindu Garuda Prayer Bell, India (9545XLC) $295

    H: 10”  Dia: 3.75” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Hindu prayer bell was likely placed on a home or temple altar and in daily puja rituals. This simple yet elegant bell has a smooth and undecorated body with only incised parallel rings circling plain surfaces and is topped by a pair of Garudas sheltered by a hood of Nagas. Garuda, the mythical winged bird that is Vishnu’s mount, and Naga, a seven-headed hooded serpent, are natural enemies and when they are represented together, they symbolizes  peace, a very appropriate adornment for the tranquility and serenity elicited by the pleasing sounds of a prayer bell.



    Martin Lerner an Steven Kossak, The Lotus Transcendent: Indian and Southeast Asian Art from the Samuel Eilenberg Collection, Harry Abrams, New York, 1991.


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