The Andes Mountains comprise one-third of Bolivia’s land and most of its largest cities are located there. 70% of the country is Catholic and indigenous Bolivians have blended Catholicism with their traditional religious beliefs.

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  • Antique Brocaded Bible/Document Cover, Bolivia (2036A-MAE) $185

    H: 10.5″  W: 10.5″ D: 0.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    Hand made in a folder style, this Bolivian religious document holder possibly used for priests’ sermons or other important  documents, is decorated on each side with brocaded purple fabric with gold thread. The finely brocaded stylized and symbolic passion flower designs are framed by geometric and curved gold borders and the inside and ends are lined in red fabric.  Our images do not do it justice as they cannot capture light flickers from the interwoven gold threads and vibrant gold floral patterns.

  • Antique Brocaded Bible/Document Cover, Bolivia (2036B-MAE) $195

    H: 9.5″  W: 7″  D:  0.25″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This 2-sided antique Bolivian religious document cover is lovingly decorated with hand-brocaded purple fabric with gold thread and embroidered floral designs within irregular curved decorative gold borders. In South America flowers were often used to explain difficult thoughts, ideas, and symbols to the illiterate  masses. This fabric cover probably held priests’ sermons, small bibles, or other important religious documents. Our images do not do it justice as they do not capture the light flickering on the interwoven gold threads.

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