Ceramics and pottery are generalized terms for clay objects shaped and fired into a hard, inelastic, non-eroding and heat-resistant objects. There are 3 pottery types: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain which differ because of the temperatures at which they are fired and ingredients that are mixed in the clay before firing. Earthenware and terracotta are synonymous pottery forms that are fired at low temperatures, while stoneware and porcelain are made with added ingredients mixed with the clay and by increasing the firing temperatures. Ceramics in our collection include pieces from China, ancient Rome and the Holy Land, India, Japan and Southeast Asia.

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  • Antique Ceramic Hill Tribe Pipe, Burma/Myanmar (3474A-WKE) $85

    H: 2”  W: 1.75”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Antique and vintage ceramic tobacco pipes are part of a long cultural tradition of Burmese/Myanmar and Thai hill tribes. Mould made and adorned with intricate designs, a bamboo or metal stem was often inserted at the end through which smoke was drawn. This highly collectible antique item reflects hill-tribe skills creating decorative functional objects and would be a unique gift for any pipe smoker, but, like all antique items, we recommended it be used as a decorative item.

  • Antique/Vintage Porcelain Taoist Immortal Lu Dongbin, Chinese Republic (17034GRK) $295

    Ht: 9.75”  W: 3.5”  D: 3.5” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This colorful Chinese Republic  porcelain is the most popular of the Eight Immortals Lu Dongbin, who symbolizes immortality and long life. Dressed as a scholar, his beard is pushed to the side as he is in motion riding waves to show his magical powers. He holds a fly whisk which, along with the sword he often carries, are personal auspicious symbols. The most colorful of the immortals, he is worshipped by for his medical prowess and by scholars in homes and temples.

  • Vintage Terracotta Policeman, India (11296ZLE) $105

    H: 10.25  W: 3.5″  D: 2.75″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This colorful terracotta figurine of an Indian policeman stands on a blue base wearing a typical outfit of black boots, a long-sleeved tunic with white borders, a high belt, and a red, green, and brown wrapped turban with white borders that combine to portray an extremely confident figure. This vintage image is mold-made in two parts and was hand-luted and artfully hand-painted so all images made from the mold are unique and individualized. The provincial piece was created by a village craftsman and it is possible it may have been used in a home altar.  It is in good condition with some minor surface cracks, paint losses and repainting to the nose.

  • Vintage Terracotta Raja on Horse, India (11295GAK) $145

    H: 9.125″  W: 6.125″  D: 3.5″ |FREE SHIPPING

    This charming colorful terracotta image represents a crowned mustached raja – an Indian King, prince, noble or dignitary – with an elaborate high crown and sumptuous jewelry draped over his chest riding an elegant and well-muscled rearing horse with its front right leg in the air, a common theme in Indian art. The decorative garlands around the horse’s neck, green plants, and ground over which the horse and rider glide, long arching horse tail, the twist of the raja’s body so he faces forward, and other aspects of the piece add dramatic energy. Made from bivalve moulds that are hand luted and painted, no two images are identical.


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