In Hindu mythology, the conch shell is a revered and sacred symbol of Vishnu, who is the Preserver. When it is blown, the sound produced is symbolic of the sacred ‘Om’ sound and Vishnu, who, as he god of sound always holds it in his right hand. The sacred om sound embodies divine energy and the primal sound from which all creation evolved.

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  • Antique Repoussé Vishnu Votive Plaque, India (5174A-TAK) $250

    H: 7.5”  W: 5.75”  D: 2.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This repoussé votive plaque portrays the Hindu deity Vishnu, the Protector of the Universe with a double aureole holding the conch shell he uses to make the om (aum) sound that embodies divine energy and is considered to be the sound of the universe which encompasses all sounds within it. He wears a crown representing his supreme power and earrings signifying  the dual nature of creation. The lotus next to him and the lotus leaves of his throne symbolize purity, truth, and the unfolding of creation.

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    Vintage Terracotta Ganesh on his Mouse, India (11284A-YLK) $165

    H: 9″    W: 4.5 ”    D: 2.5 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

    This vintage terracotta Ganesh sits on an oversized mouse, his vehicle, holding sweets (laddo) representing earthly prosperity and well-being, a weapon to overcome fear and obstacles, and a conch shell symbolizing victory and fulfillment. The pointed aureole with raised orbs reflected is divine status and energy. Its rustic and earthy style with red, green and gold pigmentation is a fine example of Indian folk art.

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