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  • Antique Shiwan Stoneware Wall Pocket Chopsticks Holder, China (16031A TLK) $115

    H:  6.75″    W: 4.875 ”    D: 2.5 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

    Decorative every day Shiwan ware pieces are recognized for their fine craftsmanship, vivid expression, and colorful apple-green and drip glazes. Shiwan potters mixed waste materials with local and inexpensive clay – one of the earliest artistic forms of recycling.  Shiwan chopsticks holders are unique kitchen accessories, especially as  wedding gifts.

  • Porcelain Immortal, Chinese Republic, China (17042ZRK) $295

    H: 12”  W: 4.5”  D: 3” | FREE SHIPPING

    This elegant Chinese Republic Period porcelain is the Taoist immortal Han Xiangzi carrying his auspicious flute dressed in a beautiful blue robe with wide black borders, fine internal decorations and a decorative yellow floral undergarment. On the bottom is the kiln seal. As the patron saint of musicians and florists, it is a great gift for someone who enjoys these pursuits.

  • SOLD. Antique/Vintage Porcelain Parrot, Chinese Republic (16945NRE)

     SOLD!         H: 9″  W: 3 ”  D: 3.5 ” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Chinese Republic ceramic parrots are commonly depiction as this one perched on an open rocky base. Porcelain parrots were produced for the domestic and export markets and sometimes sold in pairs leading some to believe they, like pairs of fish, symbolized the love and fidelity of married couples. This one has vivid polychrome colors, large eyes and stylized wings. This piece is in excellent condition.


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