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  • Antique Zhenwu, The Taoist “Perfected Warrior,” China (16097BME) $595

      H: 12”  W: 5.625”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This charming and rare provincial carving represents the Emperor Zhenwu known as True Warrior or Perfected Warrior who is one of the most revered Chinese Taoist figures, venerated for his military skill and his ability to heal and protect his country. Although he generally sits on a throne with a snake under his right foot and a tortoise under his left, here his left foot rests on the tortoise’s back entwined by a snake. Covered in gilt, he wears a plain official’s robe rather than military garb, and holds a jade belt, a portrayal often mistaken as a simple official. His long black flows down his back, covering and surrounding the rear cavity.


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