Known by many names Kwan Yu, Kuan Ti, Kuan Di, Guan Ti, Guan Di, Kuan Kung, Guan Yu and Wudi ,Guandi is the Chinese God of War, the patron deity of scholars and merchants and a model of loyalty and righteousness. He was a warrior in the Han Dynasty famed for his courage, heroism and spirit, and after his death legends about his miracles attracted a huge Buddhist, Taoist and Popular Religion cult following. During the Ming Dynasty he was granted the title honorific emperor Guandi and became a patron saint of the Qing Dynasty emperors who built hundreds of shrines and temples dedicated to him.

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  • Antique Attendant Sword Bearer to Guandi, God of War, China (16112LSE) $875

    H: 23.25”  W: 11.5”  D: 7.75” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    This rare fine woodcarving represents Chou Ts’ang, the aide-de-camp to Guandi, the most revered military hero in Chinese history. Portrayed with black skin tones, he has an intense expression highlighted by inset glass eyes and wears a military uniform with raised beads bordering his topcoat tied above his waist, a belt below his stomach, and heavy black military boots and hat. The sword he originally held is now missing.  His plain round pedestal has an indentation in the middle, possibly to affix the figure to a larger configuration.


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  • Antique Attendant to Guandi, Taoist God of War, China (16022LSE) $850

    H: 16.25:  W: 5.875”  D: 3.5” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This fine woodcarving is Chou Ts’ang, the aide-de-camp and attendant to Guandi, the most revered and well-known military hero in Chinese history and the Taoist God of War.  As an attendant his hands held together and eyes down cast in respect and legs firmly planted on the ground. His protective military clothing and heavy boots presented in detail and the high red and black pedestal with painted gold florals make him a key figure even though the figure of Guandi he attends would have been much larger and important.

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  • Antique/Vintage Carved House Deity, China (7507QOK) $295

    H: 12.7”  W: 3.375”  D: 3”| FREE SHIPPING!

    Images like this were commissioned by families to honor departed ancestors, and this family seems to have requested an amplified tribute by posing him with characteristics of Guandi, the god of war, or maybe it is Guandi very liberally depicted by a provincial artist. He sits on a high backless chair, hands on knees, one holding a small tael and the other poised to hold a sword, wearing military maille at the chest and knees, also used in depictions of Guandi. The calligraphy on the base is the name Wu (last) Fa Tian (first), the ancestor to whom the statue was dedicated.

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