The immortals of the Taoist pantheon are abstract and are identified as True Ones and Heavenly Worthies and some are Shen-shiens, an Immortal who has left this world and lives in the land of the blessed. Ordinary beings may become Immortals with very human qualities and foibles. In carvings they are portrayed sitting or standing in a relaxed position, wearing loose-fitting robes of varying hues. When these statues are taken out of context they are very difficult to identify so they must be described in generic terms as a Taoist Immortal, Taoist Official or Taoist Priest. As Terese Tse Bartholomew writes, “Any man or woman appearing in a landscape with pine trees, cranes, deer, and the fungus of immortality] may be considered immortal” (Terese Tse Bartholomew, Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art, San Francisco, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 2006p. 194)

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  • Antique/Vintage Porcelain Immortal Lu Dongbin, Chinese Republic (17035WRK) $295

    Ht: 10”  W: 3.25”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This polychrome vintage Chinese Republic porcelain figurine represents the most famous and colorful of the Taoist Eight Immortals, Lu Dongbin. He holds his fly whisk at his cheek, a traditional symbol of one who can fly at will. His face has a sweet benign smile with a long beard extending to his waist. He stands on a base with green and black swirling cloud forms indicating his ability to fly. He wears the robes of a Taoist sage in richly painted colors. The figure is in excellent condition and dates to the Republic of China Period circa 1920-1940.

  • Song Dynbasty Tile of Immortal with Firecracker, China (5515LEM) $495

    H: 7”  W: 5”  D: 2.75” | FREE SHIPPING

    This Song earthenware tile depicts the legendary scholar, poet and alchemist Taoist deity Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals, who sought to discover the elixir of immortality and used charms still used in Chinese homes to prevent illness and ward off evil. He and his fly whisk are auspicious symbols of longevity and a wish for immortality.

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