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  • Antique Majapahit Miniature Terracotta Head, Indonesia (1137EHA) $195

    Ht: 2.75”  W: 1.375”  D: 1.125” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This terracotta head was crafted during the Majapahit Empire in Java and was either part of a bas-relief frieze or made as a freestanding figurine. Most figures found are small decapitated heads with no bodies, and it is very rare to find a complete figure with a naturalistic facial expression. As with many heads, this one displays Javanese facial features, hairstyles and ear ornamentation typical of the period. It has a naturalistic facial expression and wears large round coiled earrings, possibly suggesting it represented someone of the upper classes. It is in very good condition given its age and use and is mounted on a metal stand. This item pairs with Majapahit Miniature Terracotta 1138.



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