A lozenge (fangsheng or caisheng) is a diamond shaped symbol often depicted as two interlocked diamonds that represent the form of an ancient musical instrument. It is considered a lucky object that is a homophone for victory (sheng), a protective sign casting out demons and also one of the Eight Treasures or Auspicious Objects (babao).

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  • Antique Garden Stool with Pierce-work Designs, China (16780ZLSE) $1400

    H: 19″  W: 13.25”  D: 11.75” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This magnificent  glazed stoneware garden stool was owned by a wealthy family that is reflected in its complex pierce-work and its use of cobalt blue, a prized mineral color normally used very sparingly. Its strong hexagonal walls are decorated with registers of varied heights running vertically up the sides and divided by horizontal cobalt blue lines surrounding the stool. The designs depicted here – narcissus flowers, double lozenges and the octagonal shapes below are all Chinese auspicious symbols, homophones, and visual puns laden with meaning and wishes for continual good fortune, prosperity and wealth and the protective casting out of demons for the family to reach their goals and wishes for a good life. This pairs well with garden stool 16779.


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