Mingqi are antique pottery ancestral objects, associated with Chinese ancestor worship made specifically to revere and honor the deceased. Also known as “burial furniture” and “spirit objects” mingqi were placed in tombs to placate the spirits of the deceased and provide the deceased a similar and happy afterlife environment that they enjoyed when living. They may take many forms such as dishes and utensils, models of foods and drinks, human and animal figures, architectural miniatures and a host of items placed in the tomb.

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  • Song Dynasty Tile of Wéiqí Board Game Players, China (3346BKE) $485

    H: 11”  W: 9.5”  D: 2” | FREE SHIPPING

    As part of the The Song dynasty cultural expansion, government and public buildings and tombs were built with interior walls decorated with earthenware unglazed mold-made brick tiles.  This fanciful vibrant tile with a scalloped frame  portrays two people wéiqí which originated in China over 2500 years ago and is the world’s oldest ( and most complex) board game still played.

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