Naga People

The Naga People are a collection of ethnic groups living in northeastern India and north-western Myanmar (Burma) that share common cultures. Together they are the population majority in the Indian state of Nagaland and other Indian and Burmese areas. Each tribal group speaks a Naga language that loosely connects them but is not fully understood by all. Over time Naga became their accepted name especially as it was used by the British. The Nagas were headhunters who believed head taking was a sign of courage and the heads increased both their individual and collective powers. Naga villages were often hilltop outlooks from which they raided villages below them, and their tribal culture was gradually altered by Christian missionaries beginning near the end of the 19th century. The Naga generally secluded themselves from others until near the middle of the 20th century, and they still have excellent artistic skills using a large variety of materials – shell, wood, stone, glass, horn, tusks, bone, teeth and metal – that they produce in a variety of colors. They also weave clothing with colorful patterns and produce fine beadwork in complex patterns. We feature conch shell Naga ear ring-like ear covers that usually are made using two main black stippled designs on the white conch shells. One depicts a frontal male in an upright wide stance with his arms, hands and fingers up and to the sides and the other depicts a bison head and curved horns that is so important to the Nagas survival.

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  • Vintage Shell Ear Cover, Human Figure, India (1639A-GKE) $225

    H: 4.625″  W: 2.5″  D: 2.125″ | FREE SHIPPING in continental u.S.

    This rare conch shell Naga ear cover  worn by men only were attached to their pierced ears. It is decorated with a stippled (black dots) abstract design of a male with arms, hands and fingers up and a round head extending from a very long neck. This is a pair with 1639B-GKE and, in contrast to the other major design used for ear covers, the shell’s edge has a stippled outline near the edge framing the entire image. It is mounted on a modern frosted Acrylic base that blend well with any interior scheme.

  • Vintage Shell Ear Cover, Male Figure, India (1639B-GKE) $225

    Ht: 5.25″  W: 3.75″  D: 3.75″ | FREE SHIPPING in continental U.S.!

    Conch shell ear covers worn by Naga men only are attached to pierced ears using thin natural fiber strings with glass bead, wood or bamboo stoppers. They are made with one of two stippled (engraved, marked with black dots) designs on the shell that is a difficult process. This rare one portrays a standing frontal male in a wide stance with his arms and hands with fingers splayed and held up and an abstract round head atop a long neck and is  a pair with 1639A-GKE.

  • Vintage Shell Ear Covers Buffalo Design, India (1640EKE) $250

    Ht: 5.25″  W: 3.75″  D: 2″ | FREE SHIPPING in continental u.s.!

    This unique rare and fascinating vintage carved Naga tribe conch shell ear cover from India is decorated with a traditional abstract motif of curved buffalo horns with the buffalo’s head and neck inside the V-shaped horns. Mounted on a frosted acrylic base, it would make a dramatic presentation when displayed with Naga Shell Ear Coverings 1639A and 1639B.

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