The name Vishnu is taken from the word word “Vish” meaning to spread in all directions and, therefore, he is said to comprise the entire ever-expanding universe. Vishnu is the Preserver, the Savior and the Protector. Along with Brahma and Shiva he is one of the Hindu Trimurti – a triad of the three and supreme Hindu deities. His role includes protecting humans and restoring order to the world after its inevitable changes, and he is said to be present in every object and force in creation. All Hindus revere him as the divine being from which all things arise – the preserver and protector of the universe who returns to earth when needed to restore the world balance of good and evil and protect it from destruction. His wife Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and fortune.

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  • Antique Repoussé Vishnu Votive Plaque, India


    This copper alloy repoussé votive plaque decorated with finely incised details portrays the Hindu deity Vishnu surrounded by a double aureole, one around his head and the other surrounding his body, both with borders and detailed interior designs. The conch shell he holds makes the om sound that embodies divine energy, his crown represents his supreme power and authority, and his earrings signify the dual nature of creations such as knowledge and ignorance, pleasure and pain and happiness and unhappiness.   A flowering lotus next to him and the lotus leaves of his throne symbolize purity, truth, and the unfolding of creation.

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