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This triangular spearpoint blade, worked on both sides, was found in Texas, along with with others and are revising theories about ancient American history. They are the oldest weapons found in North America and may date from 15,000-10,000 BCE. Most stone projectiles measure 3-4 inches, but this one is much larger at 7.5″, has impressive stone chip patterns and is likely a hunting tool for mammoths and other large game.


Ancient spearpoints with this triangular blade called triangular lanceolate projectile spear point were found under multiple feet of sediment about 40 miles from Austin, Texas are revising ancient American history as they are believed to be the oldest weapons ever found in North America. Considerably older than those made by the Paleoamerican Clovis culture, formerly believed to be the first group to enter our continent about 13,000 years ago, these stemmed lanceolate projectiles, which were found when they dug below a site containing Clovis projectile points, are believed to date from as early as 15,000 BCE. It is thought these hunting tools were used for mammoths and other large animals that roamed the area that is now Central Texas. This find raises questions about our continent’s earliest residents, their culture and their routes of egress. As most stone projectile finds measure 3-4 inches, this one at over 7″ is very large and impressive, as are the patterns formed by chipping away at the stone.

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