Iron Age

(1200–1000 BCE) The Iron Age in the Levant followed the collapse of the Late Bronze Age when iron tools came into use. Also referred to as the Israelite period it saw the decline of the Canaanite culture of the Late Bronze Age and the appearance of new ethnic groups – the Tribes of Israel, the Philistines and the Sea-Peoples. During this time pottery was made using the coil method and often finished with a burnish.

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  • Ancient Biblical Holy Land Burnished Juglet, Judea (1938QKM) $360

    H: 3”  Dia: 2.75″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This small juglet has a globular body, a round base, a very short neck, a wide mouth and short handles on each side. Like many other small Second Temple Period (circa 597-300BCE) pieces it is a functional item covered with a black slip and burnished. Small juglets like this “…were finished to a higher quality and were used for cosmetics and scented oils [and perfumes and ointments].” (Frank) This piece is intact, in good condition and a genuine piece from ancient history. There are two chips on the mouth rim, body dents, and burnish losses, all expected for its age and longer than two millennia old burial.


    Tom Frank, “Imagining the Past: Archeology and the Bible: a juglet to anoint,” September, 2014.

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    Ancient Biblical Period Burnished Juglet, Judea (1937DKE) SPECIAL PRICE

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    H: 3.375”  W: 2.75”  D: 2.5”   oN STAND h: 5.5” | FREE SHIPPING within Continental U.S.

    This ancient hand made ancient pottery juglet from biblical Judea has a globular body, a round base and a short neck flaring into a triangular mouth and its circular handle runs from its mouth to the shoulder.

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    Ancient Holy Land Biblical Period Wine Jug, Judea (3241BHK) $695

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    H: 8.5”  Dia: 5.5” | FREE SHIPPING within Continental U.S.!

    This Biblical Period earthenware wine jug is rare because of its difficult chances of survival over such a long time period. Made in the Judea Holy Land, it has a tall globular body and a downward sloped shoulder that join together in a distinctive carinated edge running around its top.

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