Ancient Biblical Holy Land Burnished Juglet, Judea (1938QKM) $360


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This small juglet has a globular body, a round base, a very short neck, a wide mouth and short handles on each side. Like many other small Second Temple Period (circa 597-300BCE) pieces it is a functional item covered with a black slip and burnished. Small juglets like this “…were finished to a higher quality and were used for cosmetics and scented oils [and perfumes and ointments].” (Frank) This piece is intact, in good condition and a genuine piece from ancient history. There are two chips on the mouth rim, body dents, and burnish losses, all expected for its age and longer than two millennia old burial.


Tom Frank, “Imagining the Past: Archeology and the Bible: a juglet to anoint,” September, 2014.


This black burnished earthenware terracotta juglet dates from the time the Jewish people returned from their exile in Babylonia to in the region called the Holy Land and the Levant during the Biblical Period. At this time in the Iron Age, coil construction was used to make utilitarian pottery often finished using the paddle-and-anvil method to remove moisture from the clay and compact and smooth its walls and slip was sometimes added to make pouring- vessels less porous and avoid leakage. Pieces were often burnished to further smooth and compact outside surfaces and the vessel would be dried into a leather-hard state making the body ready for pit-firing. These methods were used by potters before the invention of kilns and glazes which later made vessels watertight and their surfaces uniformly smooth, tactile and having a subtle beauty. This is a genuine piece of ancient history more than two millennia old, and it is a part of The VA Ancient-Art Collection.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

600-300 B.C.E

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Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 3” Dia: 2.75”

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Ht: 7.62cm Dia :6.98cm




Good, paint/surface losses consistent with age and use, no restorations/repairs

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